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Un Dia Sin Fronteras





Why Advertise On The Radio?

Would You Like To Increase Your Business?


Results of Arbitron National In-Car-Study:

  • Americans are spending about 15 hours each week traveling!

  • People in the US spend an average of 51 minutes commuting round-trip, when their attention is focused!

  • Time spent listening in the car averages 2 hours and 12 minutes on weekdays, and 2 hours five minutes on weekends.

  • Men spend more time listening in vehicles on weekdays.  Men and women listen about an equal amount of time on weekends!

  • Time Spent listening at the office has increased in the passed 10 years!

  • Radio’s audience size continues to grow. Not only with in-car listening, but at the office too.

  • Radio works 24/7.  How many businesses do you visit where the radio is playing?


Why Advertise with

Un Dia Sin Fronteas?


We Cover The Popular Noon Day Show!


12:00 to 1;00 Mondays!


Don’t Let Your Competitors Grab The Space!  We Only Allow One Industry Per Show Day!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras Speaks

To A Young Crowd,


Unete Con Nosotros


Those Who Have MONEY!

Un Dia Sin Fronteras Supports

Immigration Reform!


We Place Our Programs On the Net

So Your Ad Gets

Played Again and Again!


Reach The Spanish Speaking Market Fast!


B-a-s-i-c   P-a-c-k-a-g-e:



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Would You Like To Do A Custom Introdution?


We will produce and videotape a youtube interview for you!





Un Dia Sin Fronteras



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PAZ (Politically Active Ztudents)


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