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La Injusticia Para Uno Es La Injusticia Para Todos!

Vigil At GEO Group Immigration Prison


We hold a vigil outside GEO On July 4th 2011



We sing, we pray, we ask for peace, we ask for freedom

American Friends Service Committee








Comunidad Liberación/Liberation Community




We ask for the freedom of those unjustly held!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras (participant)




We stand up against injustice, we pray for peace



On the 4th of July, 2011, we mourn the loss of freedom.  Our country is imprisoning more people than ever before.  The Obama Administration is deporting more people in the history of our nation, about 450,000 people last year alone.  The deaths in the desert from an unjust immigration system have risen to over 230 people last year, and those are the ones who were founds.  Countless fathers, daughters and relatives have disappeared into the desert between the US and Mexico, never to be heard from again.



Meanwhile, GEO Group and Corections Corporation of America are cleaning house at tax payer’s expense.  They make over $130 per day for every person they incarcerate.  These prisons-for-profit are not happy with the millions of dollars they are milking from tax payers.  They want more beds, and obviously more prisoners!  Immigrants make up a significant portion of the population of these prisons for hire.



Today, we met at the GEO facility and held a vigil.  We heard testimony from those who have been detained before as to the desperate conditions of the people held inside.  For example, we heard the story of the person whose cell block was locked down for three days because they asked for toilet paper.  Five rolls for 70 men was plenty, greedy GEO claimed.  For merely making the request, prisoners were confined to their tiny cells for three days.


E-Z to Get In, Hard to Get Out

These are people who came to this country looking for opportunities, with no criminal histories, with families and employers who depend upon them.  These are people who pay taxes, own businesses and contribute to the well being of their community.  These are Dream Students, people of faith, parents, uncles, grandparents, babies.


A company whose morality allows the incarceration of people for profit has no problem leaving inmates “unclean” to make a few more cents.  GEO is a company whose human rights record is far less than stellar.  This extra harsh treatment will be one of the last memories some immigrants have of the US on 4th of July.  An uncaring nation which allows private companies to make a buck at their expense.


We ask you to join us at the next vigil.  It is held the first Monday of every monthy.  Come on by 37th and Peoria in Aurora Colorado.  Tell your story.  Share your outrage.  Let your voice be heard.  We cannot be a free nation when we remain silent while unjust conditions continue.

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  1. This is a very good tips especially to those new to blogosphere, brief and accurate information… Thanks for sharing this one. A must read article.

  2. I must admit this post is very wonderful . Thanks once again for the push!

  3. Its 2009 so why do we allow the manufacture of racism through inventing, repackaging, and offering of programs that perpetuate a racist ideology. I can no longer envision a future with out war or racism. As much as we are taught about MLK we still have not learned anything.

  4. admin Aug 9th 2011

    It is tragic racism exists. It is a human evil and will always exist. The better question is why we allow institutional racism through the media. Therein is the tradeoff between free speech, and all or our rights to be heard, and racism. What speach should we censure? Yours? Mine? It is a difficult problem. GReat post, thanks! Tim