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Tropical Storm Don Menaces Gulf Coast

Hurrican season is well under way as yet another tropical storm threatens the US mainland.  Tropical storm Don has the Gulf Coast clearly in site.   On Wednesday, oil platforms began to evacuate ahead of the storm which will at least slow down production for a few days.  In a worse case scenario, if the storm strengthens, several Gulf Coast cities will be at risk, including the hard hit city of New Orleans.



tropical storm don hurricane


Meanwhile, residents of Brownsville, Texas and other coastal cities are watching the storm with great concern.  Clyde Barfield said he had a to leave when Hurricane Dolly hit. “I am ahead of this a little bit” Barfield indicated.  “I put my rig farther North this year so I got a head start if another hurricane fixes to hit”.   Barfield visits Texas each year in his RV.




Tropical Storm Don is moving West-northwest at about 10 mph.  The storm is expected to continue to strengthen as it pushes through the Texas Gulf Coast.  Landfall will occur Friday if the storm remains on it’s current track.  Winds are howling at 40 mph and gusting higher.  As with all weather, the storm could take a variety of twists.  Any one of a number of US cities are at risk as well as buildings and property in Mexico.   The storm is the fourth named storm for the 2011 hurricane season.  Because of it’s expected Southern track, residents in Florida are breathing easy.  The storm is expected to make their weather very pleasant and reduce chances of rainfall in Florida.


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