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Colombian Immigrant Gregorio Uribe Mixing First Solo Album


 Musical Visionary

Folkloric Musician

Dreamer From Colombia

Mixing First Solo Album

Steps To Fame and Fortune



Those who follow Gregorio Uribe are mostly convinced.  It is not if, but when, will this brilliant musical talent strike it big in the US market?  Every great musician remembers his first solo album and Uribe has been working on this one long enough, he will have many memories from the effort!    Judging by the you tube video he did to keep people up to date, it is going to be a great album!



The Colombian immigrant who came to study music in the US already has a strong following.  In a sense, to have a name and play some of the most prestigious clubs in New York City is hitting it big.  In addition to playing the Zinc bar, Uribe and the band he formed called the Uribe Big Band Latino, have played the Iridium Jazz Club, set up a concert series in Central Park and toured Colombia.


They also have a hit single out called Caribe Contigo.

The solo album may be what puts Uribe all over the map.  That is to say, since he has made a big splash in the Big Apple, how much more will it take for the rest of the country to catch on?  Uribe has taken the risky path of mixing folkloric melodies with the big band sound.  He could have fallen on his face, but quite the opposite.  The band and the music are respected and gaining fans the world over.  It will take a little luck and continued good management on Uribe’s part to pull the rest off, to land him on the stage with the biggest names in US music.  When that jet takes off, the humble writer, director and performer will be able to claim a position along with the best composer of the year.


Hang on to your seats.  Uribe is just getting started.  His music is original, well arranged, and always leaves you thinking and wanting more.  Those who are in the know will want to keep a sharp watch out for Uribe, who has a knack for developing trends.

Please enjoy the piece played.  This is a wonderful arrangement.  You can also buy music from the Uribe Big Band Site.

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