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Dream Sabbath?


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The Campaign For An American Dream




An epic, 3000 mile march from San Francisco, Ca. to Washington, DC in support of the Dream ACT by five undocumented students!




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Tim Paynter


Please Help A Dreamer Stay In The US


campaign-for-american-dream, dream-act, jonatan-martinez, jonathan-martinez

“Jonatan works with Camapaign for an American DREAM in Finance. Help Jonatan stay in the US by writing a letter describing he’s great efforts “Hey guys, I know that this may be a lot to ask, however my attorney would like for me to collect letters from people talking about what kind of person I am. I hate to ask, but if you could please write one and send it to me at jonatan.martinez716@gmail.com I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Jon”


Please support the Dream Act which will allow the youth of undocumented immigrants to go to school or serve in our military…because we can’t afford to export our future!

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Update Dreamer, A True American Story Director Jesse Salmeron



Trailer Out In 2 Weeks!



What Is a Dream Student?  What happens

to a Dream Student when he is discovered?



Dreamer, A True American Story is about an

undocumented immigrant who comes to the


US as a child.  Things start going really

good for him…until he is discovered!


 * * S t a r r i n g * *


Johnny  Ray  Valdez




Listen to an


Exclusive Interview with

Jesse Salmeron

Writer, Director, Visionary!



Un Dia Sin Fronteras



Tim Paynter

Talks With


 The Writer and Director of the

Next Movie About Dream Students!

Jesse Salmeron!





Un Dia Sin Fronteras

One Day Without Borders



Campaign For American Dream

dream-act, campaign-for-american-dream, un-dia-sin-fronteras



Five Undocumented Students

2,800 Miles

13,000,000 Undocumented People

60,000,000 relatives

One Nation Under God


Five Intrepid Youths


Risk It All!

Marching from San Francisco


Washington D.C.

To Spread The News Of



The Dream Act!


Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Keep Your Rewards


Un Dia Sin Fronteras!


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Tim Paynter Interviews Mexican Consul General, Andres Chao Ebergenyl

Tim Paynter Interviews



The Mexican Consul



Andres Chao Ebergenyl







  Un Dia Sin Fronteras



Does the US have to notify the Consulate when a

Mexican National is arrested?



What services does the Mexican Consulate Provide for it’s citizens?



Are there any special investment opportunities

available for Mexican citizens living abroad?



Contact the Mexican Consulate



How safe is the Mexican Consular ID and what does one

have to do to get one?



Consul Chao will answer some of these questions on air.



Please call with your own questions!





12:00 Noon Mountain Standard Time!



You Can Listen by Net, just push the


“On Air” button


on the side bar!



What changes does Consul General Chao, being new to Denver,

plan to make?



Un Dia Sin Fronteras

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Rights For All People Liz Hamel Talks With Tim Paynter

Rights For All People (RAP)






Liz Hamel Speaks With



Host Tim Paynter




Un Dia Sin Fronteras


You Can Listen To The Entire Interview By Clicking:


Liz-Hamel, Rights-For-All-People Part 1


Liz-Hamel, Rights-For-All-People, Tim-Paynter Part 2


Rap, Tim-Paynter, Liz-Hamel, Wells-Fargo Part 3


RAP, Liz-Hamel, Tim-Paynter, Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras Part 4

180x150 red flash banner

Private Ad

Rights For All People (RAP) has been very busy lately.  They are working on several events and campaigns, including an action against Wells Fargo, whose subsidiary, Wells Fargo Financial Services is one of the largest owners of GEO Group, a private company which invests in private prisons, including immigration prisons.  RAP is also working on a fun campaign, “That Law Is Jacked“.  The civil rights organization has been a strong supporter of Gerardo Noriega, a Dream Student in deportation proceedings, as well as hosting leadership workshops to empower the community.


Join Organizer Liz Hamel as she discusses RAP with radio show host

Tim Paynter on Un Dia Sin Fronteras!





Rights For All People (RAP)


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


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Sigifredo Pizaña, Dreamer Under Attack, Please Help Or Repost




Dreamer Under Attack

Hear Him Live on

1150 AM Radio


Un Dia Sin Fronteras with

Attorney Tim Paynter


tim paynter, un dia sin fronteras, dream act

Monday, August 1st, 2011

12:00 Noon Mountain Standard Time!


Talk show host Tim Paynter interviews Sigifredo


 Live Feed To Hear Sigifredo Monday!

 All little kids worry about losing a parent one time or another.  For Sigifredo Pizaña, the idle worry of a child has turned into the reality of a young teen.  Sigifredo’s father was stopped by Michigan law enforcement.   A simple ticket turned out to be a date with ICE.  The process has moved very quickly for Sigifredo.


dream act student, un dia sin fronteras

Stormy Waters on Lake Michigan


The family, exhausted by the constant anti-Latino sentiment, tired of trying to do things the legal way in a country that does not give you the option, tired of looking for jobs that pay little, often with employers who have no problem taking advantage of undocumented immigrants, well let’s just say the family has made a crucial decision.  They are not going to wait in line.  They are just giving up on the American dream.


That is very sad considering had ICE picked Sigi’s dad up 8 months later, things might be different.  That is how close Sigifredo’s dad is to being in the United States for 10 years.   With 10 years under his belt the Mexican immigrant stood a chance, according to attorneys.  But being 8 months short of the 10 year period leaves everyone out in the cold.  Especially Sigifredo.


dream act student

 A father gives up on the system

Young Sigi is a musician.  He wants to go to school.  He would like to break the chain of poverty which has strapped him and his family for generations.  He even wants to study something most people don’t know a lot about, actuarial science.  That is how they figure out what to charge for life insurance, in case you need to ask.  I had to ask.



Listen to Sigifredo’s music Playing Sigi.mp3


Dreamer Need Help?

Contact Action Dream Team


Sigifredo is an honors student who was taking AP classes in high school.  He will make a great citizen if he only gets a chance. 


dream act, un dia sin fronteras, tim paynter, ICE

If we throw the dreams of our youth away where will our future lie?

Please Help This Dreamer Out With

A Small Donation

The 19 year old youth will qualify under the Dream Act if he stays.  If Sigifredo goes back to Mexico with the family, there won’t be any Dream Act for him.  He won’t qualify.  Under most drafts of the Act, a student needs to have arrived by their 16th birthday.  Sigifredo meets that requirement so long as he does not leave the country.  Once he steps foot outside of the US, all bets are  0ff.


We have a Dreamer whose life and dreams are under attack.  The youth needs to make some fast decisions and none of them are nice.   Staying in the United States means parting with his family, likely for many years.  Going to Mexico means giving it all up.  Sigifredo needs our help.  Please, please…this one time, please give a hand up to a young person who does not want a handout.



Sigifredo will be forced to leave the family home.  Sunday is the last day in the US for his father.  The rest of the family will follow in a few days.  Sigi has no one.  There is a community willing to help Sigifredo out, but he has to get there on his own.  Even then, he will mostly be on his own.  At the least, he needs to travel to friendly hands.  He needs to find a place where a mere traffic stop does not mean deportation.


Please stand with Sigifredo and

Please Click Here To Make A Donation



Please donate to a Dreamer under attack.  And tune in to Un Dia Sin Fronteras to hear Sigfredo live on Monday.  We will post a link for fund donations directly.



 Please Donate To Help Sigifredo


Live Feed For Show 


Un Dia Sin Fronteras






Dreamer Interview – Jesse Salmeron, Vannessa Vasquez, Monday 7-27






A True American Story

Listen to Talk Show Host



Tim Paynter




Dreamer a true american story

Jesse Salmeron



And Actress Vannessa Vasquez

un dia sin fronteras



Un Dia Sin Fronteras



1150 am radio



or listen via our internet feed!



12:00 Noon Mountain Standard Time



Monday July 25th, 2011!



Toca Una Nota Para Libertad!




Marlon Arboleda Needs Your Support!



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Dreamer The Movie – Interview with Director Jesse Salmeron, Actress Vanessa Vasquez

Next  On


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Dreamer – A True American Story!

The Movie!



Jesse Salmeron

Actress Vannessa Vasquez


Dreamer a true american story, un dia sin fronteras, dream act


Tells Their Stories


Dreamer-The Movie A True American Story


Announcement:  Dreamer A True American Story



Dreamer, Jessee-Salmeron, United-We-Dream



With talk show host


Tim Paynter





How did this concept come about?

When will the movie start to shoot?


Who will be in it?  Could it be you?



 Why don’t Dreamers get in line?  Or is there a line?


Why can’t undocumented  youth get an education?


Listen to Jesse and Vanessa Live  on the next



Un Dia Sin Fronteras!


Tim Paynter

July  25th!


12:00 Noon, Mountain Standard Time


For Internet Feed Press Side Bar


“En Vivo!”


Or Press HERE


This Broadcast may be live streamed on Facebook!

Please Watch For More News!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


How To Survive A Traffic Stop




How To Manage


Traffic Stop

Socialize with West LegalEdcenter

Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras, Tim PaynterUh oh…Red lights in the rear view mirror!  You are getting pulled over!  What should you do?


Pull over!  Sure, but what then?


Any time you get pulled over you should assume you might be arrested.  Therefore, PULL OVER ONTO PRIVATE PROPERTY IF YOU CAN!  That means, turn into a super market or retail store where you can part on private property.  If the officer must arrest you, and you have been well behaved, he may not tow your car if you are legaly parked!


legal-advice, lawyer, abogado

A lot of surviving a traffic stop is attitude.  Don’t be angry at the officer.  Fish swim, ducks fly and police officers give tickets and arrest people.  It is the nature of the beast.  If you are really well behaved, you will get through most stops as lightly as is possible.


The reason you put your hands on the wheel is to assure the officer you are cooperating.  A cooperative motorist gets farther than a belligerent one does in most cases.  You are also assuring the officer you have no weapons and you do not pose a threat to his life.  Some motorists do pose a threat.

  • Put your hands on the wheel
  • Don’t make any fast moves
  • If your documents are in the glove box advise the officer you need to go into the glove box.  He won’t think you are pulling a weapon if you explain your moves in advance.
  • Turn on the dome light if it is after dark.

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traffic attorney

By now you are parked in a safe place on private property instead of a roadway.  You have rolled down your window enough to hear what the officer has to say.  Your hands are on the wheel and you are sitting in a relaxed state.  Now it is time to produce documents.

  • Have your license, insurance and registration ready.
  • If you don’t have a license, produce your insurance.  Sometimes that is enough to win you a warning or a lighter charge.
  • The officer will pick up on your hands on the wheel right away.  They are trained to spot motorists who know how to manage traffic stops.  Most officers will be grateful for your cooperation.

Usually, the officer begins by asking questions.

“Do you know why I stopped you?”

“Have you been drinking?”

“Are you here illegally?”

These are all investigative questions which you should be careful about answering.  All of the questions are designed for you to admit guilt.  At this point, you must judge the attitude of the officer.  If he is hostile towards you, then it is generally best to clam up right away.  You are probably getting the treatment, whether that be a ticket or an arrest.  There is no point in convicting yourself at the same time.

One of the best responses to all of these questions is to ask the officer a question in return.

“Can you tell me why you stopped me?”  This is not an admission and if you ask with a sincere tone, you will likely throw the officer off of his investigative quest.  You are now playing a cat and mouse game with the officer, and he is playing one with you!  You must appear cooperative, but you should not answer any of those incriminating questions.

If the officer asks you to exit the vehicle, you must obey his command.  You should be cooperative but continue to ask questions.  You should also presume you are going to the pokey.  Now is a great time to exercise your right to remain silent, except the occasional question.  Don’t try to talk your way out of a situation.  It only gets you in deeper trouble.

“Why was I stopped?”

If the officer asks to search your vehicle you can deny him that search.  Rest assured, if you have items in the vehicle that might be better had they been left somewhere else, granting the officer the right to search is usually a bad idea.  If the officer insists on searching the vehicle, then let him have his way, do not resist.  But don’t give him permission, either.  If the officer searches the vehicle without your permission and without a warrant in the field, the evidence will likely be thrown out.  If they tow the vehicle, however, most states have upheld an “inventory search” even if the agency does not have a warrant.

  • You can refuse to allow a search of your vehicle without a warrant.  Assume if you put the officer to that much trouble, he is going to arrest you if he can.  Use your right to remain silent!
  • If the officer searches your vehicle without permission, the evidence can often be excluded at trial.
  • If the vehicle is towed, many jurisdictions allow an “Inventory search” which does not require a warrant.
  • If you have something in the car you don’t want to be discovered, don’t grant the officer permission to search.


dwai, traffic stop, search and seizure, traffic cop, criminal defense


The decision to cooperate or not cooperate is always a hard one to make.  This is where guides are ineffective because you must use your own judgment.  No one can tell you how to best handle the situation.  In short, you should know and understand your rights against illegal searches and seizures while applying a wheel barrow of common sense in dealing with the officer at the scene.

If you are under the influence of medication, alcohol or other substances, in most states you are not required to “do the walk”.  Sometimes the officer will challenge you to do a roadside test for him just to “prove you are not under the influence”.  Don’t do it!  Passing the road side test can be difficult for a person who is cold sober, much less someone under the influence.  Instead, tell the officer no one passes such tests.  If the officer insists, presume you are going to be arrested no matter what you do.  Just say no to the roadside test if your state law permits it.

At this point, the officer will either back down or place you under arrest.  If he chooses the arrest route, don’t resist.  You must go along for the ride.  Wrong doing and abuse can be discussed with the judge.

In most cases, if you assume a positive attitude, demonstrate you are no threat to the officer, produce as much ID as you can including insurance, you are going home with a warning or a ticket.

If it is your lucky day to get free room and board at the cross bar motel, at the very least, you will not have given up much if you take this advice.  It is the obligation of the state to prove you guilty.  Until then, you are presumed innocent.


Un Dian Sin Fronteras

Please pass this page on to others so they can learn from this advice.

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Update – Alberto Yañez – In Deportation – Breaking

Alberto Yañez



dream act, Alberto-Yanez, united we dream, richard hartwell



Dream Act Student




I have been informed by a source “in the know” an announcement will be coming shortly.  We need to keep up the pressure, and keep Alberto and his family in our prayers!



Please stay tuned, we will bring you news of Alberto as soon as we hear!



Please take a moment to sign this petition if you have not already!


Save up to 90% with Rebtel for International Calls


Who else do you know who is suffering injustice at the hands of a broken immigration system?  Do you have a personal story you would like to share with us?  Please let us know and we will publish you!






Stay tuned to 1150 am radio Un Dia Sin Fronteras with Tim Paynter, Mondays at Noon, Mountain Standard Time!  If you are our of our area you can listen in on our live feed,







Just hit the “On Air” button in the side bar!


Let’s Pass the Dream Act and give young people like Alberto a chance at the American Dream!  Please pass this on to your friends and let’s bring enlightenment to a generation of people who don’t know what it is like to be young and undocumented!

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