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Colorado Stands Up For The America Dream, Dream Act

Standing Up For Dream


All over the United States, people standing up for the American Dream came out in force this weekend.  While many came in support of the Dream Act, a law in front of the Senate which would allow poor immigrant youth to go to college, others made an appearance to support the basic tenents of freedom and the concept known to baby boomers as “The American Dream”.  In Colorado, activists and concerned citizens made record appearances.


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Moveon.org, Dream Act



Moveon.Org, the progressive organization which supports basic human rights and American values, was behind it.   Standing with Moveon.Org were hundreds of local and national organitzations whose members think it is time for wealthy Americans to begin investing in America again.


In the old days, a basic tenant of democracy was the concept the wealthy should share with the less fortunate.  As a nation of faith, we believed when we were prosperous, we had a duty to reinvest a portion of our good fortune so our nation could grow.  That included a healthy investment in infrastructure, sending young people to school and keeping workers healthy.   The idea taking care of hard workers was part of building a better economic structure,  so making sure workers had health care was important to industry.  A fair tax structure and protecting social security were parts of the American Dream.


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Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyoming) said our generation may go down in history as the greediest in the history of our nation last year when the lame duck session refused to advance the Dream Act.  Republicans held up nearly all legislation including a nuclear treaty which would make our nation and the world safer, stating until the Bush era tax cuts were extended, no other legislation would be allowed to pass.


Shortly there after, while a nation of perplexed citizens watched on, the US Congress passed the single biggest tax holiday ever, claiming it was in the best interest of all citizens to protect millionaire businessmen including oil companies reporting record profits and corporations vomiting money after sending jobs over sears to save a pretty penny.  Meanwhile, those Dream Act students were sent home with tears running down their cheeks.  The wealthy who make a million bucks a year got tax relief, but there was not enough money or strong enough stomachs in the American Senate to give poor immigrant children a chance to participate in the American Dream.






After stuffing themselves before the Holiday season, Republican legislators presumed the baby boomers would suffer a good case of ‘oldtimer’s’ disease.  After returning to the senate in the 2011 season, Republicans began to announce middle America and the poor should brace themselves.  In order to preserve the American Dream for the rich, everyone else should be ready for massive cuts in health care, public services, education, the arts and maybe even military spending.  Social Security is now on the operating table while the wealthiest of Americans plan their vacations and groom their investment portfolios.


One of the solutions discussed during the national house meetings was to pass comprehensive immigration reform.   Most of the 12 million undocumented workers in the US very much want to pay their fair share of the cost of operating US society.  An unfriendly government has made paying taxes risky and difficult.  Under Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), immigrants will be able to join society and the will gladly pay their share of the cost to do so, hence adding billions of dollars in revenue to a cash starved government.






Another solution is to pass the Dream Act.  Many people don’t realize, undocumented youth who were brought to this country as children have not been wasting their time.  Many join the ranks of our nation’s brightest youths.  These people need to have access to higher education in order to continue making America great.  Who knows which child will end up discovering a cure for AIDS or cancer, or who will come up with a new idea to help future Americans.  It is insanity to continue to deport these youths after paying to educate them in primary education.  Why should other countries get the benefit of our educated kids?  How can we turn our backs on youths who just want part of the same American Dream Progressives seek to protect?



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Unfortunately, the baby boomers are not as prone to “oldtimer’s disesase” as greedy people may think.  Many want to get back to the good old days when taking care of Americans was the job of our legislature.  The house meetings where thousands of Americans vented their frustrations is just the beginning of a new era.  It is still not too late to pass the Dream Act, nor is it too late for the American Dream.



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