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Author Of SB 1070, Russell Pearce, Looks For New Work

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Republican Senate President Russell Pearce is soon to be unemployed after he was recalled in the first ever successful effort in the state of Arizona on Tuesday night, November 8th, 2011. Pearce’s passing represents a loud declaration on the part of voters that Americans are tired of the hate and division Pearce used to gain power.


Pearce was the architect of SB 1070, the strongest anti-immigrant legislation passed in the history of the nation at the time. Subsequently, Georgia and Alabama have enacted laws which are more restrictive and punitive. Under SB 1070, the police were required to detain any person they suspected of being in the country “without papers”. Considering Arizona’s proximity to the border, the law was a shoe-in for racial profiling and discrimination against those of Latino descent and those who looked Latino.


Judge Susan Bolton eventually ruled portions of the law as unconstitutional. However, it was too little, too late. National boycotts were already taking their toll on Arizona businesses. The state lost an estimated 150 million dollars in the first few months following the enactment of the law, and billions over time.


With the state reeling for funds, and having to cut police, school teachers and even medical benefits, Pearce appeared in the Senate asking for even stricter laws against undocumented workers. Though Pearce knew he was setting the state up for more law suits, on top of large sums being spent to defend SB 1070, Pearce was unconcerned. The business community convinced the Senate to defeat Pearce’s new round of anti-immigrant proposals, having learned the hard way that discriminating against the next generation of Americans was costing a lot of money.



No one thought Pearce could be defeated. As a result, when Randy Parraz, a local activist, launched a recall effort, Pearce sneered. But secretly, the senate president who lacked couth and manners when dealing with Dream Students, the children of of undocumented workers, must have been worried. Pearce raised an unprecedented $240,000 to make sure he could keep calling the shots in Arizona. National anti-immigrants raced to his aid. Despite outspending the competition nearly five dollars to every one, Pearce was voted out of office by an overwhelming margin.



The end of this reign of terror against the immigrant community is a harbinger of things to come for those who want to pick on the least powerful. While other states have passed tough anti-immigrant laws, including Utah, a word to the wise can be had. Quit picking on immigrants. Start looking for solutions. The nation is exhausted from the division these kinds of politics entail.


Remaining bitter and defiant to the end, Pearce said he would do nothing different had he to do it all over again.  Sadly, the families that lost transplant victims because Arizona could not fund their medical care, likely regret ever hearing of Russell Pearce.  Republican Jerry Lewis beat Pearce saying it was time to put decisive politics to rest.


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