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ICE Thumbs It’s Nose At Morton Memorandum, Record Deportations Continue

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the department of Homeland Security which is responsible for the removal of undocumented workers, is thumbing it’s nose at a directive by it’s own agency head, John Morton. The directive requires ICE to take into consideration mitigating factors of certain immigrants, especially those who have US citizen parents or children, those who qualify as “Dream Students” and those who are helping a sick or elderly person or are sick or elderly themselves.   On a web page titled “Fact 0r Fiction” ICE brags about continuing it’s self set desire to deport every undocumented worker it can lay it’s hands upon. Recently, that included a high school Spanish teacher, Esterney Ironche, married to a US citizen but who who over-stayed his visa. Despite being exactly the kind of person whom the Morton memorandum was designed to help, ICE broke up one more family, leaving one more child without a father and leaving a high school class without a capable, native speaking, Spanish teacher.



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    ICE has also been persecuting “Dream students”, young people who were brought to this nation often before they were able to form memories. For example, a petition was circulated this weekend to help Florida Dreamer, Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer is one of many Dream Students ICE is persecuting in violation of the Morton Directive.   dreamer, dream-act, deportation, ICE

    Jennifer Lopez, Florida Dreamer in Deportation proceedings
        The ICE “Fact vs. Fiction” states, “Media have suggested that ICE is aggressively dismissing cases based on a directive from Director Morton. This just isn’t true. ICE enforcement is alive and well. For two years in a row, ICE has removed a record number of illegal aliens from communities across the United States.”

    ICE does not care about the destruction it is causing by ripping families apart. Nor does ICE give a what-the-hey about the Morton memorandum. In fact, rank and file ICE agents have voiced discontent with the policy set by their commander and chief, President Barak Obama. We now have a national police force which does as it pleases, and not as it is directed. According to the Morton Memorandum, the following persons are specifically to receive special handling, according to the Morton Memorandum:  

              • Veterans and members of the U.S. armed forces, yet the Valenzuela Brothers who fought in Viet Nam are still in deportation proceedings. Other veterans who have already been deported including Hector Barajas, voice little confidence they will be able to return to the US.


              • Long-time lawful permanent residents. This includes youth and college aged adults who have spent many years contributing to America including Spanish teacher Ironche.


              • Minors and elderly individuals, including Dream Students.


              • Individuals present in the United States since childhood, including Dream Students.


              • Pregnant or nursing women.


              • Victims of domestic violence; trafficking, or other serious crimes.


              • Individuals who suffer from a serious mental or physical disability; and


              • Individuals with seious health conditions.


        Like police agencies of a fatherland, ICE uses plenty of propaganda to win the heats and minds of the America they are charged with protecting. Yet, the truth about what the agency is really doing and what it claims to be doing are as far apart as the edges of the Grand Canyon. For example, the ICE “Fact not Fiction” web page states, “The agency focuses limited resources on three high priority areas-the identification and removal of criminals and national security threats, fugitives, and recent border entrants and others who game the system.

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    Yet, many dream students including Jennifer Lopez are fighting to stay in the United States. If ICE really had their priorities straight Jennifer and many others would not have to make national appeals just to get their day in court.   Even ICE’s pretending to focus on criminal aliens is a farce. After busting in doors and scaring toddlers in early morning raids, ICE officers interrogate everyone in the households where supposed criminal aliens are living. Many raids fail to reveal any criminal aliens.


    Despite children terrified at the sight of men decked with swat gear and sporting heavy artillery, ICE nabs lots of hard working immigrants whose only crime was to live in a place ICE conveniently chose to raid.   Out of those 450,000 families ICE shred last year, only 25% had serious criminal histories. Many of the criminal aliens ICE apprehends have rehabilitated themselves 10 and 20 years earlier. Others may have been accused but never found guilty of their crimes. What ICE does not say in their propaganda is they use criminal arrest records, not just conviction records, in targeting “criminal” immigrants. This is an agency in which a mere allegation is enough to get you on their hit list.


    It does not matter how long ago the crime occurred. Some immigrants made errors as youths 10 and 20 years ago and are pillars of their communities. Too bad. ICE considers all immigrants who have made errors fair game.


    Worse, what is considered a “serious criminal” by ICE standards includes driving while intoxicated and instances of domestic violence. Again, ICE does not care if these events happened years before. They are going to get their man! Or woman, or parent, or child.


    During the 2011 father’s day weekend, for example, ICE set up a command post at a busy county fair called Strawberry Days Festival in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, near Aspen. Undercover ICE agents convinced officers of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office to approach Hispanics celebrating the fair with their families. Two men were approached, neither of which had significant criminal histories.   ICE says the fathers went with the sheriff’s officers willingly, leaving their children unattended while playing on the Bouncy Castle Ride. Common sense suggests parents don’t leave young children unattended at busy venues unless compelled to do so. The last memory the children had of their father was was while he watched them jump on the inflated castle. ICE propaganda clearly states the agency does not use local law enforcement untrained in ICE tactics to conduct immigration raids. It is just propaganda, mind you.

    The ICE “Fact vs. Fiction” web page continues, “On Aug. 20, 2010, Director Morton issued a memorandum that allows for the dismissal of a very narrow category of cases. The memorandum applies only to individuals who are about to receive an immigration benefit—namely lawful permanent residence—from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.” says the ICE fact sheet.   The ICE statement strays far from the intent of the Morton Memorandum. President Obama instructed the memorandum be issued because some members in congress insist on playing politics with the lives of immigrants. Since Congress refused to act, the President did act. ICE knows exactly what objectives were intended by the memorandum given them by the head of their very own agency, yet they refuse to obey it. Now, ICE is not even acknowledging the purpose, choosing instead to claim it applies to people who are about to get relief anyway.

    Tell ICE To Stop Deporting Dreamer Jennifer Lopez

    Use the On-Line Detainer Locater System To Find People In Private ICE Prsions

    Since ICE insists on breaking the spirit if not the very intention of the Morton Directive, and since the agency refuses to answer to anyone, including it’s own director, or respond to members of the press who question its actions, one last resort is for immigration judges to begin dismissing the cases ICE recklessly insists on persecuting. Another alternative might be the mass dismissal of rank and file ICE command, until ICE officers are found who are willing to obey the orders of the director of the agency. Don’t count on either of these. ICE is out of control and no one can reign this agency in, not even the president.   Who, then, is in control of ICE? What should America do with a powerful agency which refuses to follow orders and instead dictates it’s own orders? How did ICE forget who the real 911 terrorists were? None of them were Latino and none of them came in over the Southern border. Why has this agency made it a personal mission to deport every person they can find despite orders to the contrary? What constitutes a democracy?

    Today is September 11th, the tenth anniversary of the attack on our soil by terrorists bent on destroying free America. Little could anyone have guessed, the legacy of the the 911 terrorists would be continued by those trusted to defend us from such attacks. When the most powerful and secretive police force in the world no longer follows orders from the director of that force, or the President of the United States, all Americans must wonder where the greater threat to freedom lies and who are the real terrorists.   Today we mourn the loss of brave people from many countries who were murdered during the 911 attacks. We give grace and are grateful for the role our government has played in keeping us safe, including the role of ICE. At the same time, we must take a stand, that the freedom brave Americans died for 10 years ago were not deaths in vain.

    Stop the Deportation of Viet Nam Veterans, Valenzuela Brothers

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    Stop Deportation of Father of 2, Jamal Middleton

    dreamer-deported, dream-act, dream-student

    Stop the Deportation of NAZ

    Dream-Student, ICE, Deportation, Minor-Crime

    Stop Deportation of Immigrant Veterans Who Served During Times of Trouble

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    Stop Devastation To Immigrant Families

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    Stop Deportation Of Priest And Family

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    Stop Deportation of Dream Student Higinio Agaton

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    Stop Deportation of Luisa Arugeta and her Mom!

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    Put Secure Communities ON ICE! The mating of ICE data banks with local law enforcement data banks made the immigrant community afraid to report crimes!

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