Un Dia Sin Fronteras

La Injusticia Para Uno Es La Injusticia Para Todos!

Vigil For Dignity Not Detention

Vigil for Dignity not Detention:



Stop contracts between



Pinal County Jail



and ICE




Location Pinal County Jail

(PCJ) Dentention Center, Florence AZ

971 N. Jason Lopez Cir.



Community members throughout the state of Arizona will come together to hold a vigil to stop county contracts between Pinal County Jail and ICE. This policy has resulted in many members of our community being unjustly detained.  Deportation followed shortly afterward.  This is an attack on migrant communities!


By coming together, we are saying NO MORE to county contracts between Arizona detention centers and ICE!  Your voice must be heard!


Pinal County Jail (PCJ) is notorious for its terrible conditions and for not respecting the dignity of prisoners.  We are treating immigrants like they are crooks, rapists and common criminals!  That is one reason why we are focusing our attention on PCJ.


This effort will help in many ways!  We will hold the vigil to support individuals inside the detention centers.  We will also bring awareness to the injustices perpetuated ICE when it contracts with ICE to put people into detention and eventual deportation!  Your participation is very important!


We will be carpooling from Tucson and Phoenix if you are interested in coming. Carpool info below:


From Phoenix: 5 pm at 3rd St. and McDowell: Los Olivos carwash/ Quality Inn Parking lot.


From Tucson: 5 pm at the Safeway parking lot at Ina and Oracle

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RAP And Community Against Wells Fargo and GEO

Outside Wells Fargo, Aurora, Colorado
Rights for All People

and  Allies


Organizing Against Corporate Greed

Action Against




Wells Fargo



“Every time an immigrant is deported, Wells Fargo makes money”



Robert May, Moveon.Org, marches with RAP and community allies against the immigration detention center GEO and Wells Fargo’s Investment in the US private prisons company.  While Wells Fargo markets to the Latino community, yet records show them to be one of the largerst private investors in GEO.




The community must use it’s resources wisely.  Why patronize a company which invests its money against the interests of the community?  Why should the community pay its enemies to imprison it?


If you have money in Wells Fargo Bank, please pull your money out.  Place it with a local credit union that invests in the community and earn a better rate on your funds!

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