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Action Against Wells Fargo Investment in GEO Group


A friendly message from your favorite bank…



Wells Fargo is violating the trust of the immigrant community!

  • After convincing people to take risky loan products, the bank is a large holder of foreclosed properties!
  • After courting the immigrant community for their business, Wells Capital Management, a wholly owned division of Wells Fargo, is one of the largest investors in GEO, the private prison of immigrants.

Colorado is Responding to the violation of trust with a week of action!

Wells Fargo Violates Community Trust






New Bottom Line-Colorado

Pay US Back, Fall Launch Action Plan

New Bottom Line National Strategy

The New Bottom Line Campaign is a set of national community organizing networks,PICO, NPA, AJS, IAF-SE and a number of independent state-based groups.  We are in 27 states, have hundreds of organizers on the ground, and represent hundreds of thousands of members.  We are beginning to build the power and the movement energy on the ground to shift the conversation in Colorado and around the country.

This is an overview of The New Bottom Line’s fall campaign – PAY US BACK. It is our strategy for winning against Wall Street, and securing real change and relief for millions of people in America. It’s also our campaign narrative – our demands and actions flow from our story about what’s happening.

Our Society’s Problem

Values Completely Inverted

A small group of people have turned everything America is supposed to be about upside down. Their highest purpose – maximizing power for a privileged few – is not the purpose we believe in, nor one that can sustain a truly great society. Their values and priorities are the exact opposite of ours.

What It Looks Like

Corporations have rigged the game.  Those who should be protecting everyday people are aiding the attack on them. The people who should be enforcing the rules are helping to rig them. The people and voices that should be directing our decisions as a country are being systematically drowned out.  They have used their profits, not to pay fair wages and keep our workers employed – but to buy political power through campaign contributions and an army of lobbyists; and in this way they have bought the fiscal policies that are the driving force behind the ever increasing wealth divide. 

The Economic Problem

There is no greater example of how our society’s values have become so inverted – how we have come to organize our society to serve the exact opposite of our purpose – than how we are currently not working together and proactively to address the rate of unemployment, the number of foreclosures, and the rising tide of poverty and homelessness that we see across the country..

Overall Agenda

The New Bottom Line

The big solution to our big problem: Restore the rightful order to the system through organizing – empowering people who have been pinned under the corporate bottom line, and establish a new bottom line, one that  will ensure opportunity for all people, and allow us to build a society that values families and healthy, strong communities.

Our Fall Campaign

Pay US Back

Pressure Wall Street and our policy makers to reverse the money and power grab, and force them to re-invest in America –   We must redistribute the revenue and resources  back into the hands of the people who support the backbone of our economy, so we can rebuild our communities.

Focus Issues

Of all the ways we can reverse the money and power grab, we are focusing on three:

  • Recapturing revenue to restore public services and benefits, and strengthen communities
  • Restructuring fraudulent and underwater mortgages to restore the housing market, and restore our  neighborhoods
  • Re-investing in small businesses to restore our jobs.


Specific Demands

Pay US Back: Fair Taxes, Stable Housing, New Jobs

1.  Pay US back and Pay  Your Fair Share

  • Stop gaming the system through off-shore tax shelters, loopholes and scams
  • pay your statutorily required 35% corporate income tax.
  • Close the loopholes in our state tax codes that equate to millions of dollars in lost revenues through corporate giveaways.
  • Stop the Rip-Offs:  Our States and Cities pay millions in taxpayer money in bad deals and rip-offs like Interest Rate Swaps.


2.  Stabilize the housing market and help revitalize the economy.  

  • Reduce principal for ALL underwater homeowners to end the foreclosure crisis, keep families in their homes and reset the housing market
  • Provide restitution for those who were fraudulently foreclosed on

3.  Invest in American jobs.  

  • Start lending to small businesses to create more jobs.  For example, Bank of America has reduced small business lending by over 90% in the wake of taxpayer-funded bailouts designed to spur lending.  



Specific Targets

  • Bank of America
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Wells Fargo

New Bottom Line-Colorado

When corporations look at their balance sheet, there is only one line that matters and motivates all that they do, their bottom line.  And for corporations, that bottom line is net profit.  When Colorado Progressive Coalition (CPC), Rights for All People (RAP), and Metro Organizations for People (MOP) and our many local partners look at our bottom line, we see something different.  We see an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected.  That is the New Bottom Line.  Dignity for immigrants is the New Bottom Line.  Income and wealth equality is the New Bottom Line.  Good-paying jobs and a safe workplace is New Bottom Line.  Access to quality affordable health care is the New Bottom Line.  Tax fairness is the New Bottom Line.  Justice for Homeowners is the New Bottom Line.

CPCand New Bottom Line-Colorado (NBL-CO) are launching a new campaign initiative in Colorado that is synced up to the larger New Bottom Line campaign and seeks to:

1.) Win immediate relief for Colorado families now, especially those being displaced by the big banks and the foreclosure crisis.

2.) Reclaim the narrative around who crashed the economy, who’s responsible for expanding inequality, and who hijacked our democracy.  In the past, we have failed to collectively name the villain,  Wall Street, the Big Banks, and the politicians they bought.  Instead, they named the villain; they named US.  Public sector workers, people of color, immigrants, and homeowners who they claimed were living beyond their means.  We cannot let that happen again.  We must ensure that we work to take down the real villain.   

3.) Energize and grow the base to shift the political climate in our state to be able to advance proactive solutions s to fundamentally restructure our relationship with Wall Street and the financial sector and close the growing inequality gap.

In addition to the aforementioned national demands, NBL-CO also demands that banks:

1.)    Divest all stock holdings in private prison companies.  Wells Fargo is the 3rd largest shareholder in GEO, the second-largest private prison company in the country and owner/operator of the ICE detention center in Aurora, CO.

2.)    Cease all payday lending and offering deferred deposit loans in Wells Fargo branches, as well as providing funding for other payday lending companies.

3.)    Support I-300 in Denver, a measure that would provide earned safe and sick time to all Denver workers.


New Bottom Line-Colorado Fall Launch

Colorado is uniquely positioned to capture the national attention we seek and to attract this attention  to the New Bottom Line campaign using the fall launch direct actions.  To say that Colorado is a 2012 battleground state would be an understatement; the presidential election will be won or lost here.  The launch the New Bottom Line-Colorado campaign, Pay US Back ,  will use a week of high-profile, exciting direct actions is to bring the pain and misery out of our neighborhoods and place it squarely in the offices and homes of the worst perpetrators of the crisis

Across issue area and organizations, banks are not only directly responsible for much of our community’s pain and misery; they also make great targets and appropriately evil villains we can hang  job s, revenue, foreclosures, schools, predatory lending, small business lending, and immigration reform on.   We know who is responsible for these problems in our communities.  Big Banks and Wall Street bought deregulation laws, then engaged in predatory, risky, and fraudulent lending, gambled on the debt on Wall Street,  and ultimately crashed the economy., Millions of people lost their jobs and homes.  Our schools, cities, and states lost revenue and  have cut services and vital programs.  They took our tax dollars;  we bailed them out!

The week of action seeks to bring together the fights currently being fought for working families in Colorado, by directing our energy toward a common target.  We need to increase the level of militancy and urgency,  and create crisis that elected officials and corporate targets are forced to respond to.

 With that in mind, we plan to mobilize 1000+ people in 6 actions, with each action building in numbers and intensity over the week.  We have organized an initial steering committee of key organizations and are in the process of building the broad coalition we will need to make this week of action successful.



In Colorado, our target that we plan to bring the crisis to is Wells Fargo and the top-ranking official in the state, Thomas W. Honig – CEO, Wells Fargo Western Region.


Wells Fargo has the largest market share of foreclosures in the state, they were the largest and worst of the subprime predatory mortgage lenders and were a top red-liner of communities of color, they are the third-largest shareholder in GEO, are a payday lender and payday lender funder, and have the most employees and branches of any back in the state.


Get Involved!

Turnout, volunteer, act to Tell Wall Street Banks in CO:  Pay US Back!

October 24th – 29th, 2011.


Monday, Oct. 24th

  • Demands Delivery:  Come deliver a letter with our demands to a Wells Fargo branch with us and have it faxed to CEO Jeff Stumpf!

When: 11:30 am.  Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

  • Outreach: Join our street teams to cover the entire city with our flyers and postcards!

When: 9 am and/or 5 pm Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver


Tuesday, Oct. 25th

  • National Divestment Action: Close your account with Wells Fargo or any other big Wall Street bank! Download our divestment letter from www.milehighshowdown.com and bring it along, demand it be faxed to the CEO.

When:  Meet at 12p at Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver.  A big delegation will go close their accounts together.  You can also participate individually or in small groups on your own.  If you close your account, send a picture or statement to milehighshowdown@gmail.com



Wednesday, Oct. 26th

  • Flashmob action to pass I-300 in Denver, the paid sick days ballot measure

When: 10 am

Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver (staging area)


Thursday, Oct. 27th

  • Move in Day: Homeowners that Wells Fargo has kicked out of their homes will be moving into a Wells Fargo branch! Come and help us set up a “Fargoville” encampment with tents and furniture!  Bring a lamp, a pillow, or other household item to carry with you as we march!

When: 12 pm

Where: Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver (staging area)


Friday, Oct. 28th

  • Student Rally and March to Wells Fargo to demand they divest from GEO, the private prison corporation

When: 4 pm

Where: In front of the Tivoli Student Union, Auraria Campus, 900 Auraria Parkway, Denver


Saturday, Oct. 29th

  • Mass Mobilization with Occupy Denver

When: 12 pm

Where: Civic Center Park, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver






Ask Predatory Banks to STOP INVESTING in private prisons!

They listen to the $$!  That is why they invested in the first place!  Take your money out of predatory lenders and put it where the money will be used to help the community!







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Poetry In Front of GEO ICE Detention Facility Bobby Lefebre Is Great!

Bobby Lefebre




ICE Detention Center

August 01, 2011


Activists meet, meditate, chant, sing and recite poetry


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A Community Stands Up


Private Companies

Making Money

By Putting




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This video is of Bobby Lefebre who makes a

passionate presentation

to a captivated crowd.



Immigrants, many who have never committed any crime, are treated like common criminals and held in private facilities.  The owners of these private prisons make $130 A DAY paid by

the tax payer.

ICE uses the system to hide the true cost of arresting and deporting 450,000 undocumented workers each year.  Few people know about the abuses to the civil trust foisted upon the immigrant community.




GEO-Group, ICE Raid, Vigil, AFSC




The American Friends Service Committee, Rights For All People, Metropolitan Organizations For People, Poitically Active Z-Students, Un Dia Sin Fronteras, Centro Humanitario, Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition, Jobs With Justice,  Comunidad Liberacion, Liberation Community, Something Grown Together and many other organizations work to keep Colorado a free place and to make safe space for all people who live in Colorado.  This is a peaceful movement advocating the passage of the Dream Act, Comprehensive Immigration Reform and peaceful tactics to help educate America about the abuses of a broken immigration system.


Tim Paynter abogado


Where an injustice occurs to one in society, that injustice is the property, and the responsibility, of all people in the society.  But then, many citizens in Nazi Germany still think they we right to remain silent and ignorant of the abuses to German Jews, homosexuals and the mentally ill.

We are all responsible for our government.  We must stand up, be heard, be counted, tell others!  To remain silent is the true crime!


Please Support The Dream ACT


Let’s keep bright students in the US rather than deport

them and compete against the very people we educated!


Under the Dream Act, the youth of undocumented immigrants can go to school or serve in the military.  After passing background checks and after completing their college or military service, they will be able to apply as permanent residents.

The process takes years to complete.  It could put billions of dollars in the US treasury, helping tax payers foot the bill for government services and schools.




Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Disclosure:  We are partially funded or receive benefits when you patronize sponsor ads





Father Facing Deportation


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AFSC Protest AT GEO ICE Detention Facility

American Friends Service Committee




Stands Up To

GEO Group


Private Prisons!

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A variety of organizations stood up against ICE abuse with it’s system of private prisons.  The AFSC helped organize the event in which a large group of people met at the GEO facility in Aurora Colorado.

The group made up of multiple races, citizens and permanent residents, and families grieving the incarceration of their loved ones in prisons for profit.

GEO-Group, ICE-Raid, American Friends Service Committee

Approximately 100 people gathered at the GEO center in North Aurora, Colorado.  They say they are shocked at the new walls and the increase in the size of the facility.  ICE is clearly planning on taking care of many new invitees.  At $130 per day, GEO group is making a pretty penny keeping people locked up for a buck.  The use of the private prisons allows ICE to hide the true cost of imprisoning 450,000 immigrants last year, a large percentage of whom have never committed a crime.

The AFSC and friends hold the vigil on the first Monday of every month.  If you are in the Metro area, please come by and meet the people who say no to private prisons, GEO group and prisons for profit, ICE raids and imprisoning children and housewives who would otherwise make productive, tax paying, American citizens.

American-Friends-Service-Committee, AFSC, GEO, ICE-Raid, Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) will strengthen the border, add legions of border patrol agents, and fund security for our nation’s sea ports.  At the same time, it would bring 12 million undocumented immigrants out into the sunshine.  The law would give them a long journey to become permanent residents of the US, so long as they pass a background check, pay fines which when totaled would add billions to the federal treasury, and pay back taxes.

The Dream Act will allow the youth of undocumented students a chance to go to college or serve in the military.  After background checks and fines which will add additional billions to help tax payer causes, Dream Students could become permanent residents.   They, too, will have a 7 to 10 year path, and have to tow the line pending completion of their end of the bargain.

Neither option is amnesty because both bills require substantial sacrifices on the part of the immigrants in order to take advantage of the benefits of the law.  A conservative legislature has blocked both the Dream Act and CIR, while asking citizens to endure continuing reductions in Medicare, social security, schools and police protection.

Sigifredo Pizana, Dreamer Wants To Stay, Father To

Be Deported, Click For Details! 




Un Dia Sin Fronteras




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RAP And Community Against Wells Fargo and GEO

Outside Wells Fargo, Aurora, Colorado
Rights for All People

and  Allies


Organizing Against Corporate Greed

Action Against




Wells Fargo



“Every time an immigrant is deported, Wells Fargo makes money”



Robert May, Moveon.Org, marches with RAP and community allies against the immigration detention center GEO and Wells Fargo’s Investment in the US private prisons company.  While Wells Fargo markets to the Latino community, yet records show them to be one of the largerst private investors in GEO.




The community must use it’s resources wisely.  Why patronize a company which invests its money against the interests of the community?  Why should the community pay its enemies to imprison it?


If you have money in Wells Fargo Bank, please pull your money out.  Place it with a local credit union that invests in the community and earn a better rate on your funds!

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