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La Injusticia Para Uno Es La Injusticia Para Todos!

Brother of Joaquin Luna, Nico Gonzalez, Talk To Tim Paynter




Why did the immigrant community

Lose Joaquin Luna To Suicide?

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What Could We Have Done To Save Him?

What did Joaquin want from all of us?

Join Joaquin’s Brother

Diyer Mendoza


Nico Gonzalez

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Nico Gonzalez, a Gay Dreamer


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Campaign For An American Dream


Tim Paynter


Un Dia Sin Fronteras!


Push to Listen to: Diyer Mendoza, Nico Gonzalez

Part II



Push To Listen to Diyer Mendoza y Nico Gonzalez

Part III

Push To Listen To Diyer Mendoza, Nico Gonzalez,


Un Dia Sin Fronteras

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El Agogado

Tim Paynter

One would think Joaquin’s familiy has the best idea of why Joaquin left this earth of his own accord. Some people in the press are questioning the motives of the familiy in suggesting the reason was the failure of the Dream Act, the nasty laws passed in Arizona (SB 1070), Georgia, Texas and other places, and the clear lack of the ability to live one’s dream. Diyer Mendoza says Joaquin did not mention the Dream Act in his letters he left the family. However, he and Diyer had many discussions about the hopelessness the failure of the Dream Act in the lame duck session of 2010 had instilled. Joaquin wanted, more than anything, that we pull together and pass the Dream Act, says brother Diyer. I think Diyer knows.

Eduardo Salazar


Our hearts go out today to the family of Eduardo Salazar as they struggle with the loss of their child. Eduardo was stricken with a rare illness. Most childen die within 2 months after being hit. Eduardo struggled for nearly two years. HLH Syndrome is a little understood disease which often follows the Epstein Barr Virus. Recomended treatment costs well over $500,000, including chemo therapy and bone marrow transplant, not something the Salazar family from Durango, Mexico, could afford. What they did have was a mountain of determnation and a boy who was a fighter to the end.Please keep the Luna, Mendoza and Salazar families in your prayers as the new year comes to a close.

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