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Sergio Garcia Con El Abogado Tim Paynter en Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Como nacer un abogado?  Se debe ser un ciudano?

 Sergio Garcia esta en la lucha para recibir su licencia a

practicar como un abogado, pero no lo tiene todos los

documentos estar una ciudano.  Aparece bien?


Sergio Garcia con Luis Gutierrez


Un Dia Sin Fronteras




Tim Paynter

1150 AM Radio

Denver, Colorado

Medio Dia, Lunes, Noviembre 18, 2013







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Gregorio Uribe Working On BIG BAND Album

The Colombian Artist who mixes traditional Latin rhythms with modern Latin jazz is working on his next album.  Gregorio Uribe has enjoyed international success with his single, Caribe Contigo.  He formed the “big band Latino” and performs at popular venues including the Zinc Bar and Iridium in New York City.


 Gregorio Uribe



You can contribute to the success of this album through the Gregorio Uribe kickstarter  campaign.  Gregorio has a range of incentives including a personal lesson on the accordian depending upon the amount of your contribution.  This is a great way to support talented artists who bring original and thoughtful music to your front door!





While the team at Un Dia Sin Fronteras are great Gregorio Uribe Big Band Latino fans, we are not going to give you the sell job for this album.   The music sells all by itself.   Be sure to check out some of the other things Gregorio Uribe is doing!


Zinc Bar

Greenwich Village

82 W 3rd St  New York,

NY 10012
(212) 477-9462




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Tim Paynter

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Los Unicos Beneficio para los niños con Cancer


La Penca de Miel #2!

9245 Washington Street

Thorton, CO., 80229


Queremos decir gracias a todos que participan!




Los Unicos En Colorado

Apoya la lucha contra

el cáncer infantil

Tim Paynter

Martin Reader


Bernardo Chacon

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Campaign For American Dream Logo Contest


Which Logo


Do You Like


The Best? 








Please Vote!


Logo # 1CAD

Logo # 2 

Campaign-For-An-American-Dream, CAD


Logo # 3 

campaign-for-an-american-dream, dream-act, un-dia-sin-fronteras



Logo #4CAD-Walk






Logo # 5 

Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras, Tim-Paynter, Lucas-Da-Silva, Raymi-Gutierrez




 Logo # 6

Campaign-For-An-American-Dream, Lucas-Da-Silva, Raymi-Gutierrez



Logo # 7  

CAD-Walk, Nico-Gonzalez, Tim-Paynter, Dream-Act




Logo # 8

CAD-logo-contest, dream-act 



Logo # 9

Cad-Walk, Dream-Act, immigration-reform



 Logo # 10

 Dream-Act, Jonatan-Martinez, Nico-Gonzalez, Tim-Paynter, Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras




Campgain For An American Dream


Walking 3000 Miles For A Dream


Jonatan Martinez


Nico Gonzalez


Lucas Da Silva


Raymi Gutierrez


Tony Choi


 Come Be Part Of The Dream!


Our Walkers are coming to a city near you!


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