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Sex, Sex and More Sex…Education

Sex and education is a topic which is always a little tricky!   All of us get some kind of sex ed.  The question is, what kind do we get, and where do we get it?  My fist sexual education came at the hands of my 11 year old buddies who explained to me about the birds and the bees from an 11 year old perspective.  Let’s just say I didn’t understand much about how it all worked in those early formative years, and I didn’t have a clue about what the risks were or the consequences of too much sex in the “wrong” ways.


Good Day Talks About BOOBS



Mom was a big help (right).  She gave me the “we don’t do it for fun, just for love” pitch.  There was no discussion about how to “do it” and lots of discussion about the morality part of it.  It is o.k. to have sex, but you have to wait until that special person comes along.  Since I was still young, far too young to be married at the time, mom probably figured she had plenty of time to convince me of the second half of the argument, once you find that special person, you have to marry them before you have sex.




You Don't Have To Be Gay To Get AIDS

I have seen youths who are moral at 11, but most young people have not developed the requisite life experience to be consciously moral.  Sure, they do the right things, but they do them because they are still little robots from their parents, seeking approval, wanting to be a hit with their folks, abstaining from sex for parental approval, not because they are making truly moral decisions.








Abstinence Education Needs To Be Based On Something


Being “moral” because you want to be popular with your pops is not being moral.  Rather, it is a sick way to make decisions, based upon someone else’s view of morality.   That sets the child up for doing the “moral” thing of the person for whom they seek approval, rather doing the right thing because the child has strong convictions about morality.   It then becomes easy to do immoral things just because the person from whom you seek attention approves.  That is what happened in Nazi Germany.  Geez, that is a stretch, sex ed and Nazi Germany.



Educate Our Youths To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies And AIDS

Preaching abstinence is not a bad idea for both young and old people out of relationships.  But abstinence education for a child crazed with hormones to abstain for “moral reasons” when the tike doesn’t understand what morality is has resulted in tragic consequences.  The competing desire for approval gets all mucked up when an attractive partner shows up.  The teen wants approval from both, the new partner and the parent, and their interests are often in conflict.



Teaching Young People How To Protect Themselves Makes Sense

There was a time when we opened the paper every day wondering which one’s of our friends was going to be listed in the obituaries after dying from AIDS.  Unwanted teen pregnancies are rampant, and the spread of STD’s, especially la sida, AIDS, in the Latino community between heterosexual partners is rampant.




It is time we take the gloves off and start talking about the topics which are taboo in US society.  Race is one of those topics.  Teen sex education is another.  Let’s remove the blinders from our eyes.  Even your parents had sex, gawd forbid.  If mom and dad could do it, were doing it, then it is time to start talking about it with younger people and at earlier ages.

Rocket scientists send people to the moon.  How many would-be rocket scientists never got to go to college because they thought if he pulled out on time nothing would happen, or “doing it” standing up keeps one safe, or that the AIDS virus only exists with gay men or men who have sex with men (MSW), since we know there are almost no “gay” Latinos?

Talk to your children.  Since we know some parents cannot, then let’s support second best, sex education in schools.  But this time, unlike my generation, let’s have the sex educators be adults and not the child’s peers!





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