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Rather than hating the people who were engendering hate against the immigrant community, our leaders responded with love.  They stood up for what is right, but that is not to say they struck back.  Standing up to a bully without hating him speaks to the heart and character of the people who now were forced to wage a peaceful war defending basic dignity and humanity.


Erika Andiola


On July 4th, 2013, most Americans will celebrate the nation’s independence from a country who ruled from across the sea, Great Briton.  The country imposed taxes but gave the people living in America little say in how those taxes were applied.  The country imposed harsh treatment against anyone who spoke out against it.  The country dictated how life would be for the population in America while exploiting her workforce and her assets.  On July 2nd, a declaration was made, that we, the people of the United States of America, must live our free and independent lives.  On July 4th, the declaration was signed.


Pedro y Petra


The hard lessons to be learned during the next 200 years would cause bitter racial divisions and a civil war.  We learned we cannot live as a free nation while enslaving some.  We cannot impose harsh treatment on one class of people yet forgive all others similarly situated.  We must give all people who live under free skies an opportunity to participate, and an opportunity to be heard.  We must elect people to represent all of our communities and not just those blessed or cursed with privelege.  In a sense, that is what immigration reform is all about.


On July 3rd, 2013, brave people will ask Arizona Representative Matt Salmon to listen to immigrant voices as he must listen to all other voices in the 5th Congressional District in Arizona.

Salmon says”The desire to make a better life for oneself and one’s family is certainly admirable, but we should not reward those who have broken our laws at the expense of the millions of immigrants who have played by the rules and are patiently waiting their turn in line.  Simply put, those in our country illegally should not have a unique path to citizenship not available to those who have chose to abide by our laws and attempt to emigrate legally.”



Let us not forget, the first violation of the laws of America occurred with the taking of the land from the American Indians.  To stand by laws which are convenient is the epitome of hypocrisy.


The immigration proposal drafted by the gang of eight, including four hard line Republicans like Arizona’s John McCain, does not grant amnesty to anyone.  Rather, it requires an arduous path over 13 years for seven out ten immigrants.  Three out of ten immigrants won’t qualify and will face the wrath of ICE once the law goes into effect.  It requires the payment of back taxes, future taxes and is the only law in the history of America which imposes the requirement of employment in order to gain status.  At the same time, while collecting the taxes of these hard working people, the law will exclude them from most governmental services for at least a decade.  That is not amnesty.



At the same time, the law fails in it’s primary goal, to identify all people living in America, by excluding from recourse those immigrants who America, for security reasons, we need to identify the most.  Adding a ‘one strike and you are out’ rule for the immigrants who don’t qualify for the first proposal would identify all people.


Tim Paynter and Crew, 1150 AM Radio


For these reasons, we encourage Representative Salmon to vote for immigration reform that is inclusive.  We ask him to cease creating a second class of people, using some of the most brilliant minds and spirits as the foundation for that second class.  Work visas alone leave people paying taxes with no hope of ever having a say in their government or of reaping the benefits of their contributions to the community.  That is worse than no amnesty, it is a form of indentured slavery.  Most of us learned about the evils of slavery long ago.


Original Gang Of 8 Bill


Come be part of freedom on July 3rd.  Come stand by brave people who are excited about continuing their efforts to make America great.  Come ask Representative Salmon to vote for rational immigration reform that grants people an equal right to government after 10 years.  The address is 207 North Gilbert Road Suite 209 Gilbert, AZ 8523.


Amigos, acompanenos en esta vigilia para pedirle al Representante Salmon de Mesa que apoye a nuestras familias inmigrantes. Nos quedaremo alli asta que Salmon se reuna con nosotros y nos asegure que tenemos su apoyo.



Un Dia Sin Fronteras


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Vice Pres Responds To Child’s Suggestion



What does chocolate, gun control, an 8 year old child

and Vice President Joseph Biden have in common?

A 7 year old child wrote the Vice President, along with others, he thought he had a solution to gun control.  Why not make all bullets out of chocolate?

The boy’s teacher, Jenny Aicher, who teaches at the Downtown Montessori Academy, thought the youth had a pretty good idea.  She encouraged him to write the letter to people who make out laws.  Of course, she didn’t expect much would happen.

It was a big surprise when a letter arrived from the White House.

Vice President Biden said he agreed with the youth.  Chocolate bullets would make the world a safer place.  The concluding thoughts in the letter, which was handwritten, states;

“People love chocolate. You are a good boy, Joe Biden.”


Information for this story was based upon an Associated Press release based in Milwaukee.

All we can say at Un Dia Sin Fronteras y Podemos Mejorar is, Good Job, Teach.  We can have world peace when we have great mentors.  This youth is lucky to have someone who helps him open doors that may one day bring him into the world as a great leader.

We advocate creating government by electing people who represent a broad community.   We seek an inclusive society in which all people can live happily, have a say in their government, believe in the principles of peace and serenity.  What teacher Jenny Aicher is doing is bringing these concepts to the youth of Milwaukee, and now through her efforts, young and old students throughout the world.











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Gregorio Uribe Working On BIG BAND Album

The Colombian Artist who mixes traditional Latin rhythms with modern Latin jazz is working on his next album.  Gregorio Uribe has enjoyed international success with his single, Caribe Contigo.  He formed the “big band Latino” and performs at popular venues including the Zinc Bar and Iridium in New York City.


 Gregorio Uribe



You can contribute to the success of this album through the Gregorio Uribe kickstarter  campaign.  Gregorio has a range of incentives including a personal lesson on the accordian depending upon the amount of your contribution.  This is a great way to support talented artists who bring original and thoughtful music to your front door!





While the team at Un Dia Sin Fronteras are great Gregorio Uribe Big Band Latino fans, we are not going to give you the sell job for this album.   The music sells all by itself.   Be sure to check out some of the other things Gregorio Uribe is doing!


Zinc Bar

Greenwich Village

82 W 3rd St  New York,

NY 10012
(212) 477-9462




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Licenses For Undocumented Passes Colorado House/Senate, Waiting On Gov

 Rep. Jovan Melton with SB 251 Supporters

It was with some resignation House Republicans voted for the final time against granting licenses to undocumented immigrants.  It was the third and final reading of the law.  If the majority of the Colorado house voted for the law, it would go the Senate for conformance and then to the desk of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for signature.  The vote was exactly as predicted, 32 Republicans against.   The Democrats carried the day with 34 votes for the measure.


 The House Prepares For The Vote

Even if Governor Hickenlooper signs the law, immigrants won’t be driving legally in the state of Colorado any time soon.  In order to prepare the Colorado Department of Revenue which oversees Colorado licenses, the first license can’t be had until August of 2014, a little more than a year away.


 Colorado House Republicans

However, a year passes quickly, especially for people who have been waiting 13 years for the opportunity to apply for a license.  It was 1999 when the last immigrant was licensed and when the right to obtain a license by an undocumented person was withheld.

 Colorado Sen. Jessie Ulibarri Greets Supporters


Meanwhile, immigration reform is alive and moving in the U.S. Congress.  If passed, 7 out of 10 immigrants will have an opportunity to adjust their status to a “registered” person.  Under the current proposal proffered by the Gang of 8, immigrants who stay out of trouble for 10 additional years will be able to apply as permanent residents.  Follwing that, the immigrants will be able to apply for citizenship, providing the current 27 year backlog of waiting applications is cleared.



The issue of drivers licenses is important to all immigrants.  Just because immigrants can register does not necessarily mean they will be able to obtain licenses.  Licenses are managed on the State level.  Hence, some states may take the position immigrants cannot obtain licenses under their laws.  For a few states, including Washington State, Utah, New Mexico and Illinois, the matter is already resolved.  Immigrants can obtain licenses in those states.   If the Governor of Colorado signs the new law into effect, immigrants will be able to obtain a license in Colorado, as well.


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Occupy Seattle May Day 2013 VIOLENCE


Civil Disobedience





Use Violence



Are Rubber Bullets and Flash Bombs

The Way To Respond To

Peaceful Protesters?




Michael Holden Damn. My ears are still ringing, and my nose is still running.

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A peaceful May Day rally turned violent near darkness in Seattle Washington. Police attacked the crowd using stun grenades and tear gas. Some protesters vented their rage at the system by smashing storefront windows. By around 9 P.M. at least 13 people were in custody on a variety of charges. Eight police officers reported being injured.

Robert Way Jr they shot one of thoes right at my baby’s stroller! got the pieces from it.

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Some people blamed immigration rights activists for the disturbance.  The Occupy movement, while sharing some common goals with immigration rights activists, is an independent political movement generally protesting the control large corporations have over the government.  In addition, some factions of the Occupy movement advocate for the poor, who they refer to as the 99%.



Immigrant’s rights activists advocate for the fair treatment of people who have relocated in the U.S. including humane treatment by the police and a set of rules or laws which carve out a niche of the American Dream for the immigrants.



Like the Occupy movement, immigrant’s rights organizations encourage the election of government representatives with a more inclusive point of view. As a general rule, while immigrant’s rights protests may involve civil disobedience and arrest, they rarely involve property destruction. Immigrants realize they cannot carve out a place for themselves if they use aggressive means or destroy property.


Immigrants marched all over the country with large events in LA and Denver remaining peaceful.


Sources include Reuters and Fox News.

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Denver Immigrants To Come Out In Force May 1

Un Dia Sin Fronteras is the only Denver radio program which has consistently supported the immigration reform movement with a reporter on the ground.  The program, with hosts Tim Paynter and Willie Rouge, produces cutting content on the immigration and human rights fronts.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform

DENVER – Hundreds of supporters from labor, immigrant, faith, youth and community groups will rally and march in support of comprehensive, common sense, immigration reform tomorrow, Wed., May 1, 2013, beginning on the Capitol west steps at 11:00 a.m. and ending at Sunken Garden Park on Speer between 8th and 10th Ave.  Diverse immigration reform supporters from the business community, faith leaders and elected officials will speak at the rally on the West steps of the Capitol before leading activists on a march along a path to citizenship down 13th Avenue towards “Citizenship” Park.

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Timed to coincide with the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee’s mark up of the comprehensive, common sense immigration reform, a rally also will be held in Greeley, and similar events were held in Grand Junction and Pueblo on Sat., April 27, 2013.
WHAT:  Rally and March in Support of a Pathway to Citizenship
WHO:     Activists
Community leaders
WHEN:   Wednesday, May 1, 2013
       11:00 am- Rally
       11:45 am- March to “Citizenship Park” (Sunken Garden Park)
WHERE:    Rally – State Capitol (West Steps), 200 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver 80203
        March Route – down Sherman St. to 13th, down 13th to Speer Ave, South on Speer Ave.
        Celebration – “Citizenship Park” (Sunken Garden Park, along Speer Ave. between 8th and 11th)
VISUALS:   Hundreds of people wearing white, holding signs, waving American flags
Coloradans for Citizenship Now is a coalition of eight organizations –  Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Colorado Latino Forum, Colorado Progressive Coalition, Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Rights for all People/Derechos Para Todos, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 105 and Together Colorado – advocating for comprehensive immigration reform with an earned and rapid path to citizenship that is not tied to border security for the 11 million aspiring citizens in the United States. 

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Colorado Undocumented Fighting For Licenses

The Committee, Licences for all people in Colorado announced it is close to having the required votes for passage.  If the law goes into effect, undocumented immigrants will have a chance to obtain drivers licenses in the Rocky Mountain State.

The Committee says there are compelling reasons to grant immigrants a license. First, there is the issue of fairness.  Colorado has public transportation, but the wide open venues spread miles apart make public transportation impractical at times.  This is especially true when people have to pick up children, get to work, stop at the store and have it all done so the kids can do homework.  Immigrants who can’t drive find themselves relegated to inner city neighborhoods with few job opportunities or shopping alternatives.


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Denver, Colorado


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Second, it is a matter of public safety.  Insurance can usually be had by most immigrants, even if they don’t have a license.  However, the quality of the insurance is often just enough to meet minimum standards.  Better insurance at more reasonable rates can be had by those who have a license.  Everyone does better when drivers are fully covered.

Public safety is also affected when police don’t have to spend extra time and assign additional patrol cars when an immigrant is stopped.  By simply presenting a license, the officer can identify the immigrant in the same manner they identify citizens.  That makes police work more efficient, allowing officers to spend the majority of time on more critical calls.

Immigrants who obtain licenses will have to take and pass a test. There is a benefit to all drivers when every driver studies the Colorado driving laws, which can be complicated.

Colorado is expecting the licensing effort to provide an economic boom to the state.  Immigrants spend money like all residents.  When they are able to effectively harness transportation, they can shop for the best prices rather than being relegated to buying fewer goods at higher prices in local shops.  Each sale, of course, generates sales tax which will help fund state services.

In order to qualify for the license, immigrants will have to provide proof they filed and paid state sales tax.  Most immigrants already file taxes, but those who have not filed will certainly pay taxes now.  Immigrants will also have to provide a solid proof of I.D.

Colorado citizens are safer when all resident drivers are

required to pass the written and practical driver’s exam, proponents say.

Even though the immigrants pay taxes, the license will be coded so that many state services remain unavailable to the immigrants.  In addition, the license won’t work for boarding airplanes, entering federally controlled buildings or for voting.

Colorado may soon become a forward looking state when it comes to immigrants.  Many people are re-evaluating the immigrant issue after the past election.  Some Republicans sensed the anti-immigrant rhetoric had changed the course of elections when citizen voters showed up to protest extreme and unfair anti-immigrant laws.

While some have always analyzed what immigrants cost the state, the new question is, what do immigrants contribute.  An honest answer in a few words is, a lot.  Most people, including Republicans and Democrats, feel there is a net benefit to having immigrants.   The benefit could extend into votes for whichever party is willing to take immigrant concerns into consideration during lawmaking sessions.

Even if the law passes today, there is an extensive lead time built into the law.  The lead time exists to give state administrators an opportunity to assess the costs of the new program, and to adjust fees so immigrants pay that cost.

While an obvious distinction will exist on non-citizen licenses, language has been built into the statute to prevent the licenses from being used to profile immigrants.  Officials, including voting referees and law enforcement, will be able to easily distinguish a citizen license from a non-citizen license.

However, an indication the person is a non-citizen by itself will not provide probable cause for further investigation by police officers absent additional evidence the officer has a reasonable suspicion a crime has been committed.  This should prevent the police from spending time on pointless stops in which the driver has done nothing to warrant the stop.

The Committee Licenses for All Coloradoans says they are short votes to get the measure passed in Colorado.  For this reason, they ask all people to contact their state legislator to urge the passage of the bill.

Granting licenses to Colorado immigrant residents will stimulate the economy, assure all licensed drivers are able to acquire quality auto insurance and return a sense to fairness in government for immigrants and the communities that depend upon the tax base immigrants help create.

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Fair Immigration Reform Colorado Bus Tour FIRM and CIRC

A Bus Tour to learn how to pass the message of immigration reform in the US!



Join the Fair Immigration Reform Movement and youths from around the country in telling America why immigration reform is ripe for change now!


1. Keep families together, rather than shred the bond between parent and child;

2. Immigrants contribute significant money to the economy. You don’t have to know an immigrant to benefit from immigrant tax and spending revenue;

3. Immigrants contribute significant innovations to the country. Google, for example, might be a Russian innovation if the co-founder was deported.

4. Fundamental fairness has to apply to all people to keep America fair. We cannot say we are a just people when we treat others harshly.

5. Comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) will make our nation safer by identifying people within our borders.

Please call your senator and representative and ask him or her to support immigration reform. Please contact an immigrant organization near you and ask them to give a speech in your organization.



Thanks to Denver City Councilman Paul Lopez, Senator Michael Bennet, Senator John McCain, Representatives Diana DeGette, Jared Polis and Luis Gutierrez for taking the leadership on immigration reform.

Thanks to the Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition, Rights For All People, Padres y Jovenes Unidos, One Colorado, SEIU Colorado and many other organizations which support immigration reform, because it is the right thing to do!



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Super Band, Super Suave, Subject of Documentary Film

Local Band Tells How To Start At Bottom, Rise In The Industry




Denver, Colorado.  Starting from Zero, the Super Suave Story is in process of being made, according to filmmaker Timothy Paynter.  The film will chronicle four immigrant band members and their rise in the music world as the local band, Super Suave.


“What does starting from Zero mean to you?” film maker Paynter recently asked.  “You will be surprised at the answer lead singer Alejandro Leharrazo gives to this question.” Paynter continued.

Paynter said starting from scratch, by walking through the desert to the U.S., takes on a new meaning when you are an immigrant.  Everything is harder to do since many immigrants don’t speak the language.

“The deck is completely stacked against immigrants making it in America.” Paynter noted.  “Yet here are four people who came to the U.S. with little or nothing and they are reaching for the stars.  If they can do it, you can do it too!”  Paynter said.

The group Super Suave has gained local notoriety in the West through brilliant marketing and by adapting conventional rock songs to a Cumbia beat.  For example, the band adopted the McCoy’s song, “Hang on Sloopy” to “Hang On Loopy“.    They took photographs with antique cars dressed in period clothing to advance their first album.

Paynter said “Starting from Zero, The Super Suave Story” should be available later this year.  Check back on the website for news and tune into 1150 am radio at noon on Mondays to Un Dia Sin Fronteras and Podemos Mejorar for more information.  Click the “On Air” button to hear the show live anywhere in the U.S.

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Chevela Vargas, Have You Seen This? Lesbian Latina Singer RIP

Ranchera, Musica, Mexican-Singer, tim-paynter

tim-paynter, chevela-vargas

ranchera, tim-paynter

She was the godmother of Ranchera. Now she is a legend leaving her music to live on in her stead. Vargas was a rough and tumble lady of the ranch in a time when ladies didn't do those things, like wear jeans, drink and all of that man stuff. Despite popular criticism, Vargas lived life like a tiger and her legend will continue in her stead.

Some think she is of Mexican descent because of the country songs she was fond of belting out.  Not true.  Vargas was born in San San Joaquin De Flores, Costa Rica as Isabel Vargas Lizano.  She adopted a common name for the formal name Isabel, Chevela.

Jose Alfredo Jimenez, one of the godfathers of ranchera music, convinced Chevela to do her first album as he performed with her.  It was to be one of over 80 albums.  Her raspy voice and insistence on living like a true Latina ranch woman made her a near instant hit within the Latino community.  Her admission she was a lesbian at the age of 83, while being controversial, didn't seem to cost her any fans.

Chavela passed away at the age of 93 after being admitted to the hospital in Cuernavaca, Morlos, Mexico for heart and respiratory problems.


RIP Chevela Vargas



Tune in to


Un Dia Sin Fronteras



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