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La Injusticia Para Uno Es La Injusticia Para Todos!

ICE Abuses, Violations Of Human Rights, GEO Group, Inc, CCC




ICE Abuses





Violations Of Human Rights





Five Rolls Of Bum-Wad For


70 Men


Part of dignity in captivity is


Maintaining Yourself Clean


Protest At Detention Center, July 4th, 2011


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Why Not Live One Day Without Borders?

One way to dehumanize people, to rob them of dignity, is to deprive them of the ability to clean themselves while in captivity.  Lack of washing facilities is one tactic.  Depriving people of toilet paper while in lock up is another.   Presumably, companies that haul in over $130 a day for each prisoner at tax payer expense can afford to provide toilet paper to inmates.  But besides saving the company a few centavos, the deprivation adds to the sense of isolation and demoralization prisoners feel.


Inhumanity Breeds Contempt For Our Country

]The Department of Homeland security is concerned about terrorists entering the country.  At the same time, they leave an ugly taste in the mouths of men who would never have opposed our country prior to deporting them.  How does this contribute to the security of the nation?  When we place people into captivity and treat them like the muck you find in a toilet bowl, our reputation as a world leader and as a humane people gets flushed down the drain!        We must fight to eliminate the barriers between human beings.  We must unite to live on one earth without the barriers which yield hate and resentment.  We must live as one people, one day, without borders!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras!


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