Un Dia Sin Fronteras

La Injusticia Para Uno Es La Injusticia Para Todos!

Jose Antonio Vargas On Colbert Report, Undocumented, Unafraid

Jose Antonio Vargas



Colbert Report!



An Immigrant From The Phillipines



Pultizer Prize Winning Jouranlist



Admits He Is





and Gay



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Jose Antonio Vargas
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Un Dia Sin Fronteras



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There are “undocumented” immigrants all around us, in every sector of the employment market.  Your boss might be undocumented.  A relative may be.  Until they “come out of the closet” you will probably never know!


The traditional view of undocumented workers as field hands is a myth.  While many undocumented workers take unpopular jobs, a fair number are very educated and don’t fit the traditional mold.  No matter what the undocumented person is in your life, surely he or she is making a contribution to America.  If you don’t believe it, ask families who lost teachers, police protection and other government services in Arizona, after Russell Pearce sent 200,000 people fleeing from the Grand Canyon state.  The tax base was devastated, the real estate market went into a free fall, farmers could not get their crops out of the ground, schools closed and everyone suffered.


We are a nation of immigrants.  Let’s pull together.  Let’s welcome the next generation.  Let’s welcome Jose Antonio Vargas to this great land!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras

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