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Hartwell On Insane actions by ICE


Richard Hartwell

Guest Column

Action Dream Team

Saturday Night, His girl friend beside him, Christian Reyes is taking flowers to a relative’s daughter’s baptismal celebration.


Then it happens, flashing lights, taillight isn’t working, handcuffs, a crying hysterical girl friend must now run to the planned celebration to tell Christians mother, younger brother and little sister that the police have taken Christian away.


They can’t contact him. Sunday goes by, friends are trying to help. A lawyer is called. They don’t have an A# so they can’t track him. They wait. Sunday goes by, no word. Monday afternoon they get a call, expect a call on Tuesday afternoon. No word Tuesday.


Wednesday afternoon Christian’s girlfriend gets a text. “I signed the paper. They said if I didn’t they would hold me for two months in Tacoma and then I would be deported anyway.”


They go to the jail. He isn’t there. Where is he? Are they taking him the 700 plus miles to the detention center in Tacoma WA. Are they sending him to Mexico without word or even a goodbye? Stroke of luck, someone found him listed as being held in a neighboring county’s jail. What does it mean? What are they doing? When can we talk to him? Can’t sleep. Can’t eat. Can’t think. The world around them crumbles.

This is the scene, repeated over and over hundreds of times a day, every day.


On June 17th 2011 John Morton Director of ICE put forth a memo giving guidelines for the use of prosecutorial discretion. On August 18th 2011 Janet Nepolitano sent a letter to Senator Dick Durbin confirming the intent of DHS and ICE to follow the June 17th memo and review the 300,000 cases clogging the system and making the priority cases those that were criminals and not low priority undocumented individuals. To date local and field officers of ICE have thumbed their nose with comments like “We are completely unhappy,” Chris Crane said recently.


The head of the union that represents the country’s immigration enforcement officers, Crane has recently been on a crusade to undermine the intent of the June 17th 2011 John Morton Memo, and the administration. Ice has shown callous disregard and has instead tried to speed up the timeline to deportation by bullying and intimidating those picked up with no criminal record and whom they know would qualify for prosecutorial discretion into signing voluntary deportation papers.


This is wrong. It is time to show support for even small steps taken to try to give relief to hard working immigrants until such time as a do nothing Congress and a deadlocked Senate have the courage to take on and fix a broken and destructive immigration policy. I for one call on the Union head and it’s members to stand down and stop the insubordination.


Thank you Richard Hartwell from Action Dream Team for your fine article!  While the Obama White House may think it is in charge, the Department of Homeland Security has other thoughts.  They show little effort in following the directive written by the commander in chief.  Instead, they act of their own accord, ignoring directives from superiors, interested only in numbers and egos, with a heartless disregard for the lives they are tearing up.

When a security agency begins to take the rules and laws it wants and ignore the ones it does not want, the agency has become rogoue and out-of-touch with the citizens it serves.  Super agencies like this which are answerable to no-one, can have their way even if their commander and chief says it isn’t supposed to be that way.  Too bad.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) will solve many problems.  Included within CIR is the Dream Act which would allow young people to go to school or go to the military.  When we roll up our sleeves we can solve our problems.  When our government refuses to listen to superiors, it is time to give those who refuse to listen a permanent vacation!



Posted September 7th, 2011.

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Colombian Immigrant Gregorio Uribe Mixing First Solo Album


 Musical Visionary

Folkloric Musician

Dreamer From Colombia

Mixing First Solo Album

Steps To Fame and Fortune



Those who follow Gregorio Uribe are mostly convinced.  It is not if, but when, will this brilliant musical talent strike it big in the US market?  Every great musician remembers his first solo album and Uribe has been working on this one long enough, he will have many memories from the effort!    Judging by the you tube video he did to keep people up to date, it is going to be a great album!



The Colombian immigrant who came to study music in the US already has a strong following.  In a sense, to have a name and play some of the most prestigious clubs in New York City is hitting it big.  In addition to playing the Zinc bar, Uribe and the band he formed called the Uribe Big Band Latino, have played the Iridium Jazz Club, set up a concert series in Central Park and toured Colombia.


They also have a hit single out called Caribe Contigo.

The solo album may be what puts Uribe all over the map.  That is to say, since he has made a big splash in the Big Apple, how much more will it take for the rest of the country to catch on?  Uribe has taken the risky path of mixing folkloric melodies with the big band sound.  He could have fallen on his face, but quite the opposite.  The band and the music are respected and gaining fans the world over.  It will take a little luck and continued good management on Uribe’s part to pull the rest off, to land him on the stage with the biggest names in US music.  When that jet takes off, the humble writer, director and performer will be able to claim a position along with the best composer of the year.


Hang on to your seats.  Uribe is just getting started.  His music is original, well arranged, and always leaves you thinking and wanting more.  Those who are in the know will want to keep a sharp watch out for Uribe, who has a knack for developing trends.

Please enjoy the piece played.  This is a wonderful arrangement.  You can also buy music from the Uribe Big Band Site.

Posted August 31st, 2011.

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Rights For All People Liz Hamel Talks With Tim Paynter

Rights For All People (RAP)






Liz Hamel Speaks With



Host Tim Paynter




Un Dia Sin Fronteras


You Can Listen To The Entire Interview By Clicking:


Liz-Hamel, Rights-For-All-People Part 1


Liz-Hamel, Rights-For-All-People, Tim-Paynter Part 2


Rap, Tim-Paynter, Liz-Hamel, Wells-Fargo Part 3


RAP, Liz-Hamel, Tim-Paynter, Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras Part 4

180x150 red flash banner

Private Ad

Rights For All People (RAP) has been very busy lately.  They are working on several events and campaigns, including an action against Wells Fargo, whose subsidiary, Wells Fargo Financial Services is one of the largest owners of GEO Group, a private company which invests in private prisons, including immigration prisons.  RAP is also working on a fun campaign, “That Law Is Jacked“.  The civil rights organization has been a strong supporter of Gerardo Noriega, a Dream Student in deportation proceedings, as well as hosting leadership workshops to empower the community.


Join Organizer Liz Hamel as she discusses RAP with radio show host

Tim Paynter on Un Dia Sin Fronteras!





Rights For All People (RAP)


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Posted August 21st, 2011.

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Tim Paynter Interviews Jesse Salmeron – Spanish Version

Talk Show Host

Tim Paynter


Movie Director

Jesse Salmeron

“Dreamer, A True American Story” 


Un Dia Sin Fronteras



Check Updates






Un Dia Sin Fronteras



Posted August 18th, 2011.

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Campaign For American Dream Talks To Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Pablo Morales



Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras, Tim-Paynter

Talks to

Talk Show Host

Tim Paynter

1150-am,, 1150-onda, tim-paynter


Un Dia Sin Fronteras!


8 15 Campaign For American Dream


Campaign-For-American-Dream Part B


Campaign for american dream, Un Dia Sin Fronteras


 Facebook Silences Un Dia Sin Fronteras

We have been silenced by Facebook who suspended our posting rights for 15 days for “Spamming” and posting “Irrelevant” content.  That happened after we posted a notice on the United We Dream site.  We were unable to talk to  anyone on facebook, it is all automated.   What we got was an automated response and a threat to quit posting or face more “punishement”.   We would appreciate your help in reposting this page so others can hear the interview.

The message of immigration reform and the Dream Act is often silenced by ignorant fools who have little clue the damage they cause.   Undocumented youths face horrible choices in a land unsympathetic to the suffering of others.  Once Americans are made aware of the problems young people face, most are shocked.  They just didn’t know.  It is our job to tell the American public what is going on and why each of us must take a stance.

Thanks for listening in, for your words of support.  Our hearts are with those who suffer constant injustice in our great nation and we ask you to join us in speaking out!

Please Speak Out About the Dream Act!

You can tell people why young people should be able to go to college!  You can tell people why it is unfair for undocumented youth who came here often before they had memories should be able to obtain documents.  You can tell people why it is time to pass immigration reform, because it will add billions to the economy and because to continue under the existing system is manifestly unjust in a just nation!



Posted August 15th, 2011.

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Colorado Stands Up For The America Dream, Dream Act

Standing Up For Dream


All over the United States, people standing up for the American Dream came out in force this weekend.  While many came in support of the Dream Act, a law in front of the Senate which would allow poor immigrant youth to go to college, others made an appearance to support the basic tenents of freedom and the concept known to baby boomers as “The American Dream”.  In Colorado, activists and concerned citizens made record appearances.


West LegalEdcenter - Access online programs.



Moveon.org, Dream Act



Moveon.Org, the progressive organization which supports basic human rights and American values, was behind it.   Standing with Moveon.Org were hundreds of local and national organitzations whose members think it is time for wealthy Americans to begin investing in America again.


In the old days, a basic tenant of democracy was the concept the wealthy should share with the less fortunate.  As a nation of faith, we believed when we were prosperous, we had a duty to reinvest a portion of our good fortune so our nation could grow.  That included a healthy investment in infrastructure, sending young people to school and keeping workers healthy.   The idea taking care of hard workers was part of building a better economic structure,  so making sure workers had health care was important to industry.  A fair tax structure and protecting social security were parts of the American Dream.


Find Paralegal Studies.


Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyoming) said our generation may go down in history as the greediest in the history of our nation last year when the lame duck session refused to advance the Dream Act.  Republicans held up nearly all legislation including a nuclear treaty which would make our nation and the world safer, stating until the Bush era tax cuts were extended, no other legislation would be allowed to pass.


Shortly there after, while a nation of perplexed citizens watched on, the US Congress passed the single biggest tax holiday ever, claiming it was in the best interest of all citizens to protect millionaire businessmen including oil companies reporting record profits and corporations vomiting money after sending jobs over sears to save a pretty penny.  Meanwhile, those Dream Act students were sent home with tears running down their cheeks.  The wealthy who make a million bucks a year got tax relief, but there was not enough money or strong enough stomachs in the American Senate to give poor immigrant children a chance to participate in the American Dream.






After stuffing themselves before the Holiday season, Republican legislators presumed the baby boomers would suffer a good case of ‘oldtimer’s’ disease.  After returning to the senate in the 2011 season, Republicans began to announce middle America and the poor should brace themselves.  In order to preserve the American Dream for the rich, everyone else should be ready for massive cuts in health care, public services, education, the arts and maybe even military spending.  Social Security is now on the operating table while the wealthiest of Americans plan their vacations and groom their investment portfolios.


One of the solutions discussed during the national house meetings was to pass comprehensive immigration reform.   Most of the 12 million undocumented workers in the US very much want to pay their fair share of the cost of operating US society.  An unfriendly government has made paying taxes risky and difficult.  Under Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), immigrants will be able to join society and the will gladly pay their share of the cost to do so, hence adding billions of dollars in revenue to a cash starved government.






Another solution is to pass the Dream Act.  Many people don’t realize, undocumented youth who were brought to this country as children have not been wasting their time.  Many join the ranks of our nation’s brightest youths.  These people need to have access to higher education in order to continue making America great.  Who knows which child will end up discovering a cure for AIDS or cancer, or who will come up with a new idea to help future Americans.  It is insanity to continue to deport these youths after paying to educate them in primary education.  Why should other countries get the benefit of our educated kids?  How can we turn our backs on youths who just want part of the same American Dream Progressives seek to protect?



DataJack 3G Broadband-Faster Internet!



Unfortunately, the baby boomers are not as prone to “oldtimer’s disesase” as greedy people may think.  Many want to get back to the good old days when taking care of Americans was the job of our legislature.  The house meetings where thousands of Americans vented their frustrations is just the beginning of a new era.  It is still not too late to pass the Dream Act, nor is it too late for the American Dream.



Listen to Un Dia Sin Fronteras

A Day Without Borders



With Attorney Tim Paynter



on 1150 AM Radio, Mondays, Noon MST!



Those out of Colorado can listen to a Live Feed



Via Internet HERE!

Oasis.com - 100% Free Dating

Please donate $10.00 to $25.00 to Un Dia Sin Fronteras, One Day Without Borders.  You can help carry the message to others who will support our cause!  $10.00 goes a long ways!


We want to continue to bring you great articles and continue with our radio program broadcasts.  It is only through your help we can carry the Progressive message.  Educating America costs money.  The Progressive message costs money!  In the end, it is a lot better place to invest funds than another tax break for the rich!




Posted July 18th, 2011.

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El Show En El 4 De Julio Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Un Dia Sin Fronteras


4 de Julio, 2011




Jennifer Piper



American Friends Service Committee









El cuatro de julio en Un Dia Sin Fronteras fue un gran éxito!






Tuvimos Jennifer Piper de la American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).







Ella habló sobre la protesta en el Banco Wells Fargo en Aurora, Colorado.








También habló de la vigilia en el centro de detención de inmigrantes previsto para esa noche.

Posted July 8th, 2011.

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Manifestacion Para Jeanette Vizguerra – Victima De Una Systema Injusta

En solidaridad para detener las deportaciones:




Manifestacion de apoyo a Jeanette Vizguerra

13 de julio, 2011



17 y Welton, el centro de Denver:


Montar fuera de Palacio de Justicia de 7 a.m.

Solidaridad Rally 07:30


Favor de traer los nombres

y / o alguien que usted sabe photoso de afectadas por la deportación

(incluyéndote a ti mismo!) 

Flyering a correr la voz acerca 8:15 am deportaciones


Jeanette Vizguerra, líder de la comunidad, madre de tres hijos-un ciudadano de un líder de cinco meses-y el PAR, sin antecedentes penales anteriores se enfrenta a su próxima audiencia del tribunal de inmigración en su búsqueda por permanecer en los EE.UU. con su familia.

Save up to 90% with Rebtel for International Calls



Para quedar libre, debemos unir cuando una persona en la comunidad esta en peligro.  Por favor, vienes con nosotros, y ayuda la causa de este persona en la comunidad!

No tienes miedo! Juntos podemos hacer lo que solo, ningun persona se puede! 


Las últimas noticias que hemos recibido de abogado Jeanette es que lo más probable es que va a recibir otra extensión el miércoles debido a un tope de visas disponibles. Ahora estamos esperanzados de que Jeanette podría ser capaz de calificar para la siguiente serie de visas que estarán disponibles en octubre de este año. Incluso si la decisión del juez se pospuso una vez más, nuestra presencia es tan importante, especialmente para hacer visible este proceso largo y doloroso.



Nuestra campaña no es sólo apoyar a los líderes RAP Jeanette y Gerardo, sino también educar al Inglés de habla pública norteamericana sobre el daño terrible que se hace a las familias en todo el país en su nombre por el sistema de inmigración roto.



Así que por favor venga pie en solidaridad con Jeanette y otros que enfrentan la deportación, entonces únase a nosotros para una acción flyering! Ayúdanos a difundir la palabra a todas las buenas personas que vienen a trabajar el centro. Nosotros le ayudaremos a la preparación, proporcionar los volantes, y luego dividir en grupos para ir a repartir volantes e involucrar al público en general (brief!) conversación sobre el tema.

Una vez que la audiencia de Jeanette se lleva a cabo, los líderes del equipo recibirá un mensaje de texto por lo que se reúnen en el Palacio de Justicia para escuchar los últimos resultados.


Vamos en la unidad y con FE y esperanza que todo va bien con

Jeanette, y los demas que sufren abajo de leyes injustos.

Form an LLC in Minutes

Posted July 7th, 2011.

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Vigil At GEO Group Immigration Prison


We hold a vigil outside GEO On July 4th 2011



We sing, we pray, we ask for peace, we ask for freedom

American Friends Service Committee








Comunidad Liberación/Liberation Community




We ask for the freedom of those unjustly held!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras (participant)




We stand up against injustice, we pray for peace



On the 4th of July, 2011, we mourn the loss of freedom.  Our country is imprisoning more people than ever before.  The Obama Administration is deporting more people in the history of our nation, about 450,000 people last year alone.  The deaths in the desert from an unjust immigration system have risen to over 230 people last year, and those are the ones who were founds.  Countless fathers, daughters and relatives have disappeared into the desert between the US and Mexico, never to be heard from again.



Meanwhile, GEO Group and Corections Corporation of America are cleaning house at tax payer’s expense.  They make over $130 per day for every person they incarcerate.  These prisons-for-profit are not happy with the millions of dollars they are milking from tax payers.  They want more beds, and obviously more prisoners!  Immigrants make up a significant portion of the population of these prisons for hire.



Today, we met at the GEO facility and held a vigil.  We heard testimony from those who have been detained before as to the desperate conditions of the people held inside.  For example, we heard the story of the person whose cell block was locked down for three days because they asked for toilet paper.  Five rolls for 70 men was plenty, greedy GEO claimed.  For merely making the request, prisoners were confined to their tiny cells for three days.


E-Z to Get In, Hard to Get Out

These are people who came to this country looking for opportunities, with no criminal histories, with families and employers who depend upon them.  These are people who pay taxes, own businesses and contribute to the well being of their community.  These are Dream Students, people of faith, parents, uncles, grandparents, babies.


A company whose morality allows the incarceration of people for profit has no problem leaving inmates “unclean” to make a few more cents.  GEO is a company whose human rights record is far less than stellar.  This extra harsh treatment will be one of the last memories some immigrants have of the US on 4th of July.  An uncaring nation which allows private companies to make a buck at their expense.


We ask you to join us at the next vigil.  It is held the first Monday of every monthy.  Come on by 37th and Peoria in Aurora Colorado.  Tell your story.  Share your outrage.  Let your voice be heard.  We cannot be a free nation when we remain silent while unjust conditions continue.

Posted July 5th, 2011.


Gregorio Uribe Vendra Lunes, Junio 27, 2011


Gregorio Uribe

aplaza hasta el lunes, 27 de junio




Cuando hicimos la fecha con Gregorio, el estaba en Colombia.   Triste a decir, para regresar a los EE.UU. es un poco más difícil de lo que solía ser. Había algunos detalles del pasaporte para limar.

Hemos hablado de llevarlo Gregorio en vivo a través de skype, una programa del internet, pero al final del día, se decidió esperar hasta que hubiera una conexión mejor y podría asegurar fans de Gregorio hay una conversación clara.   El Gerente de la estación 1150 am, Salvador Hernández, quien también se crió en Colombia, dijo que las líneas terrestres de comunicación fue horrible.

Entonces, ya es tu proprio oportunidad para hablar con Gregorio Uribe en Vivo!  Que gran mensaje tiene el, que alagria esta la musica de su Banda, El Big Band Latino.

Hasta Pronto, nos vemos en Lunes, a medio dia, Mountain Standard Time!



Habla nos en cabina


Posted June 22nd, 2011.

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