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Sambos Illimani Colorado, Next on Un Dia Sin Fronteras

The Bolivian dance troop,

Sambos Illimani Colorado

will be on

Un Dia Sin Fronteras

on Monday, February 17, 2014!

Inauguración de Sambos Illimani 2013

Please join host


Tim Paynter


Marco Fernandez


Monday at Noon

Mountain Standard Time!

Denver, Colorado

1150 AM Radio


In the


Controversial Program

Un Dia Sin Fronteras!




Posted February 16th, 2014.

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Gregorio Uribe Working On BIG BAND Album

The Colombian Artist who mixes traditional Latin rhythms with modern Latin jazz is working on his next album.  Gregorio Uribe has enjoyed international success with his single, Caribe Contigo.  He formed the “big band Latino” and performs at popular venues including the Zinc Bar and Iridium in New York City.


 Gregorio Uribe



You can contribute to the success of this album through the Gregorio Uribe kickstarter  campaign.  Gregorio has a range of incentives including a personal lesson on the accordian depending upon the amount of your contribution.  This is a great way to support talented artists who bring original and thoughtful music to your front door!





While the team at Un Dia Sin Fronteras are great Gregorio Uribe Big Band Latino fans, we are not going to give you the sell job for this album.   The music sells all by itself.   Be sure to check out some of the other things Gregorio Uribe is doing!


Zinc Bar

Greenwich Village

82 W 3rd St  New York,

NY 10012
(212) 477-9462




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Be sure to tune into

Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Every Noon on Monday, MST!

1150 AM Radio

Or by Internet Link

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of this page!




Tim Paynter

Writer, Producer, Attorney, Activist


Posted May 10th, 2013.

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Tim Paynter Interviews Mexican Consul General, Andres Chao Ebergenyl

Tim Paynter Interviews



The Mexican Consul



Andres Chao Ebergenyl







  Un Dia Sin Fronteras



Does the US have to notify the Consulate when a

Mexican National is arrested?



What services does the Mexican Consulate Provide for it’s citizens?



Are there any special investment opportunities

available for Mexican citizens living abroad?



Contact the Mexican Consulate



How safe is the Mexican Consular ID and what does one

have to do to get one?



Consul Chao will answer some of these questions on air.



Please call with your own questions!





12:00 Noon Mountain Standard Time!



You Can Listen by Net, just push the


“On Air” button


on the side bar!



What changes does Consul General Chao, being new to Denver,

plan to make?



Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Posted August 22nd, 2011.

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El Show En El 4 De Julio Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Un Dia Sin Fronteras


4 de Julio, 2011




Jennifer Piper



American Friends Service Committee









El cuatro de julio en Un Dia Sin Fronteras fue un gran éxito!






Tuvimos Jennifer Piper de la American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).







Ella habló sobre la protesta en el Banco Wells Fargo en Aurora, Colorado.








También habló de la vigilia en el centro de detención de inmigrantes previsto para esa noche.

Posted July 8th, 2011.

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Gregorio Uribe, Big Band Latino, Junio 20, EN VIVO!

Continue Reading…

Posted June 14th, 2011.

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