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Under The Rainbow Went My Undocumented Immigrant


Message From

Tim Paynter

Un Dia Sin Fronteras

One Day Under The Rainbow Is My Love

One thing we never have to worry about is me becoming a professional singer!

 Here is a message from the heart.

 The rest might best be left to the imagination!


If you are missing someone you love, don’t lose hope.  Many people are dedicated to reforming the laws which part so many people.  As advocates, we love our country.  We admire the strength and the leadership of those who have come to make it a better country.   We wish the law enforcement charged with dividing us the very best, for they have a difficult role to play.  Still, we believe we must keep working to improve our country and the great people who live within her.  Together we can solve any problem.  Apart we are lost under the rainbow of hope and dreams.



Please watch for news about many projects that are underway throughout the country.  Soon, Dreamer, a True American Story will be a reality at a theater near you!  Jesse said he just finished shooting his trailer and he soon will be cutting and getting it ready.  He says he wants to thank all of you who have made his dream come true.


Undocumented Productions

Soon, the Campaign For American Dream will be underway.   Each effort counts, each effort brings us closer to our goal of a unified society, one in which all of us can live as free people.  One society in which each of us can look for our American Dream Under the Rainbow!

Join us, Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Each Monday from 12:00 to 1:00 MST

Please help keep our program on the air with a small donation.

 $15.00 means a lot to us!


Thanks For Your Support!


Hey, if you know someone who can really sing, let us know!

We would love to hear some well thought out versus done by a pro!

If You Are A Dream Student Please Join Action Dream Team!

You are not alone!

Susanne Morales – Who Really Can Sing!



Dios te bendiga,

Tim Paynter

Posted August 25th, 2011.

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Poetry From A Youth Touched By ICE Raid In Glenwood Springs = Master Performance

Youth Touched By ICE Actions


Children Lost Father at Strawberry Days Festival


Father’s Day Weekend, 2011



The date is Father’s Day weekend, 2011.  Children are having a blast at the Strawberry Day’s Festival in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, near Aspen.   Mother’s are cherishing the time dad has to spend with the family.  It is a celebration that will leave lasting memories of joy, and sadness, in the hearts of multiple families.



Click To Hear Recording of Student Poetry – Speaks About ICE Bust



While the children of two families are jumping up and down in the bouncy castle, they do not spot strangers approaching their dads.  Soon, though, terror runs through the family.  The fathers are lured away.  The children are left on the ride to fend for themselves.



The mothers become frantic.  The dads were gone and so were the kids!  Where did everyone go?  Then the festive mood of the fair was broken as police chased a man through the crowd.  He was finally tackled, in front of astonished little ones and mothers and fathers.  What was going on in the sleepy town of Glenwood Springs near Aspen, Colorado?



Although the term ICE raid may be a slightly over-stated, and it may not, it turns out families were not the only ones who came to the 113 year old Strawberry Day’s festival to meet people in the community and have a good time.   Unbeknown to those at the event, agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had set up a command post.  Using local sheriff’s officers to lure unsuspecting “prospects” ICE began checking ID’s.  It didn’t take much to identify the Hispanics in the crowd



ICE says it was the other way around.  The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office invited ICE to the carnival to have fun on the rides and as part of an area-wide gang sweep.  However, neither agency has been able to explain why the “area-wide” gang sweep netted so few “gang members”, a total of three arrests, when prior gang sweeps netted multiple arrests.  Nor was either law enforcement agency able to explain why Colorado gang members are so well behaved.  The people ICE arrested had almost no criminal histories.



Maybe the truth lies between the two stories.  Maybe ICE drove their RV-Bus style command post to the fair to have a good time.  Imagine over-sized ICE officers who are used to lots of excitement getting bored spinning on the merry-go-round.  Or maybe officer’s from the sheriff’s department got dizzy while twirling on the Ferris wheel.  ICE took both fathers who had been watching their children shriek with joy and laughter while on the bouncy castle ride.  We only hope they could not hear the shrieks of their children as they sat in ICE custody.  One father was released, but the family of the second person would lose dad on father’s day weekend.



The fair quickly emptied out and few of the Anglo or Hispanic families returned.  No one wants to take their children to places where grown men carrying guns act like clowns.  It must have been a big financial bust to the community which supported the event.  But why should ICE care?  The tax payers footed the bill for the RV-Bus-like ICE command post.  The reputation of the festival and the community was tainted.  Neither law enforcement agency took responsibility for conducting an immigration enforcement action at an event frequented by US citizen toddlers and pregnant moms.  While citizens can take action against the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, they can choose to not re-elect the Sheriff who places families at risk, ICE remains out of touch with the people they are sworn to protect.



Un Dia Sin Fronteras



A member of the Latino community who heard about this raid sent us this poem.  He was moved by the prospect of losing a dad on Father’s Day weekend after we reported this weeks ago.  He was intrigued with whether the mother must go into action or remain frozen in fear.  Hang on to your seats!  I would rather listen to this caliber of performance any day than watch law enforcement chase poor people through carnival crowds.



Dreamer, A True American Story



Protesting Injustice Click To Hear A Master Performance



Un Dia Sin Fronteras

tim-paynter, CIRC, 1150-am-radio



Until we tell our stories, until we speak out about injustice, there will be no solution.  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) answers to no citizen and no community.  ICE loses nothing by aggressive enforcement actions.


Secure Communities in Colorado has pitted law enforcement against ordinary citizens.  No one is safe when clowns go searching.  You can make a difference.  Please become a member of Un Dia Sin Fronteras.  Our message is privately funded, and it is costing a mint.  We are working on passing comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) and the Dream Act.  Please donate $15 or whatever you can to help us speak out about the abuses of power, the broken families, the lost workers, the crying children.


Your $15 makes a big difference to us!



Un Dia Sin Fronteras is a radio program and media source determined to fight for those suffering injustice in America.  We support the passage of the Dream Act so the children of undocumented immigrants, who had nothing to do with how they came to America can have the chance to go to school, serve in the military and work their way out of abject poverty.  We stand behind the Campaign For An American Dream, a “hike” from San Francisco to Washington DC to bring enlightenment to our country.


We also support Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIRASAP) to bring about reasonable and just border security and to provide a humane solution for those who help make America the great nation it is.

Posted August 23rd, 2011.

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Bands, Music, Poets, Fun! Haymarket Squares!


Hay Market Squares!


Save up to 90% with Rebtel for International Calls



Now Playing “By Surprise” at your local restaurant!

A band with a social conscience and a bluegrass flair!



The band gained notoriety when it performed at various protest events against the most vicious anti-immigrant law in history to that date, SB 1070.


Hay Market Squares!

Stand Up For Your Rights!

Un Dia Sin Fronteras!


Posted July 9th, 2011.

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Cantar Una Nota Para La Libertad De Inmigrantes!


 Cantar Una Nota Para El Dream Act



Wavin’ Flag (K’NAAN Cover_Spanish Remix) – Tomas Karmelo 


Se puede cantar? ¿Se puede tocar un instrumento? ¿Se puede recitar la poesía?



Cantar una nota para la Libertad!


Somos Un Dia Sin Fronteras, un programa de radio en 1150 AM de radio en Denver, CO.  Somos dedicado a la reforma social y los derechos humanos.


 La Bamba sin Fronteras-Yo-No-Soy-Ciudano


Tratamos de enviar a jóvenes de los inmigrantes indocumentados a la escuela y de aprobar leyes justas.


 Un Dia Sin Fronteras- Suzanne Morales



Estamos buscando a gente que puede cantar, tocar instrumentos o recitar poesía por la causa de la reforma migratoria y el Dream Act

 Susanne Morales

Esta es una posición interna, no de pago, pero los candidatos seleccionados tendrán su pieza interpretada en nuestra estación de radio y se colocan en otros puntos de la internet! Excelente para la hoja de su trabajo, pero sobre todo, ideal para aquellos que quieren ayudar a hacer una diferencia en la batalla más grande de derechos civiles desde los años 1950!


Por favor llame a Tim Paynter, 720 951 1700 o responder por correo electrónico, immigrants2bfree@gmail.com 


Usted no tiene que ser perfecto, acaba de ser sinceros, vamos a grabar su trabajo en nuestros estudios, y el resto será parte de la historia! Cantar una nota para la Libertad!

Posted June 16th, 2011.

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Composer Suzanne Morales Lyrics to Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Muchas personas me han hablado y preguntado, si tengo las palabras de este hermosa cancion!  Si, los tengo, y aqui esta!  Este es el cancion que escrito Suzanne Morales, de las Candelas, una banda de salsa, para nosotros y para los estudiantes que estand sufriendo la injusticia en este pais!

Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Suzanne Morales

Composition, Rhythm Guitar,

Vocals: Suzanne Morales (Colombia/United States)

Lead Guitar: Manuel Molina (Peru)

Electric Bass: Manuel Gascon (Mexico)

Percussion, Home Studio: Frank Ayala (United States)

Un Dia Sin Fronteras con Tim Paynter, Jeanette en deportacion, Liz-de-Rights-For-All-People
Un Dia Sin Fronteras, Steve Havey, Willy Garcia, Tim Paynter, Liz de Rap, Shiru420, y Jeanette



Yo naci en otro pais
Me vine aqui con mis padres a vivir
Toda mi vida la pase aqui
Y estoy tan feliz

Verse 2
Tengo suenos, esperanzas y fe
Que con ganas lo que quiera yo lograre
Quiero estudiar y poder trabajar
En el pais a cual me entregue

Y ahora me tengo que ir
Ya no me quieren aqui
Y como puedo existir
Sin lo que me hace feliz

Quiero quedarme aqui
En el pais donde creci
Junto a mis amigos, rodeada de lo que yo se
Quisiera un dia sin fronteras

Verso 3
Yo no se cuando sucedio
Pero todos piensan que la tierra no le pertenece a Dios
No es mi tierra, tampoco es tuya
Cada quien la usa y se va

Y ahora me tengo que ir
Ya no me quieren aqui
Todos mis suenos perder
Dime quien me va a entender

Que quiero quedarme aqui
En el pais donde creci
Junto a mis amigos, rodeada de lo que yo se
Quisiera un dia sin fronteras



Suzanne Morales Un Dia Sin Fronteras, Cancion Por Dreamers


tim paynter, un dia sin fronteras, en la lucha para la reforma migratoria

Tim Paynter, Escritor, Locutor, En St. Pats Parade


Quiero expresar mi mejor gratitute por los hechos de este persona, con quien ha eschuchado la llmada de la reforma migratoria!  Ya estamos en un movimiento de pacifico por el beneficio del este hermosa pais!


Posted June 14th, 2011.

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Suzanne Morales, Escrito El Cancion Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras, Susanne-Morales, Dream-Act, United-We-Dream

Un Dia Sin Fronteras- Suzanne Morales <<< Punchale

Por El Cancion!


Free Calls with Rebtel



El compositor y cantautor, Susana Morales, respondió a un anuncio en un periódico local para ayudar a la causa de la reforma migratoria. Cuatro semanas más tarde, Morales escribió una canción sólo para la comunidad indocumentada para encajar con el programa, Un Día Sin Fronteras. Titulado con el mismo nombre, Suzanne habla directamente al corazón de aquellos que sufren las leyes injustas en los EE.UU.

Un Dia Sin Fronteras, Morales escrito' un cancion por el mismo nombre, para los estudiantes de Dream and para los que estan esperando La Reforma Migratoria!

Suzanne Morales Escrito' Este Cancion Para La Programa Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Collaberating con Morales fue Manuel Molina (Perú),

Bajo eléctrico: Manuel Gascón (México)

Percusión, Home Studio: Frank Ayala (Estado Unidos)

Un Dia Sin Fronteras es una programa en la lucha para el Dream Act y la reforma migratoria.  El locutor Tim Paynter tiene un buen equipo para su programa, including Armando, Loretto, Bernardo y Willie Garcia.

“Mi papá fue llevado a los EE.UU. por los misioneros cuando tenía 17 años de edad de los llanos de Colombia.  Él y mi mamá se reunieron en la Universidad Bíblica (ella era una niña de granja de Iowa) y se casaron, luego se convirtió en misioneros metodistas. Mi papá predicaba sermones bilingüe en los guetos de Nueva York, NuevaJersey, Miami, mamá tocaba el órgano y dirigió los coros de sus parroquias.


Un Dia Sin Fronteras



A principios de la década de 1960 que despegó de mí y mis tres hermanos de América Central y del Sur. Hemos vivido en Costa Rica, Uruguay y México antes de regresar a los EE.UU., pero durante nuestro tiempo en el extranjero que visitó todos los países en Norte, Centro, Sudamérica y el Caribe. Mi papá finalmente obtuvo su doctorado en Psicología Clínica, mi mamá era maestra. Creo que algunos de mis padres contagiado a mí, me gusta ayudar a otros.

suzanne morales escrito este cancion para la programa del radio, un dia sin fronteras, y para los dream students

Suzanne Morales Escrito Este Cancion Para Un Dia Sin Fronteras y Los Dream Students

Mi papá era todo acerca de la educación y estoy seguro que si estuviera vivo hoy estaría haciendo todo lo posible para ayudar con la reforma migratoria.  Suzanne ha escrito este cancion para los Dreamers!

Tengo una pieza de 11 bandas de salsa llamada La Candela.  Jugamos alrededor de Colorado y estará en la ciudad del evento Jazz Park el 26 de junio, 6 – 8 pm, es un evento familiar maravilloso. También estoy realizando con Manuel Molina de julio 1er, 5:30 – 7:30 de la Belmar, un concierto gratuito.  Aparte de eso estoy trabajando en la alimentación de las abejas y el ahorro de agua mediante la adopción de mi césped y plantación de especies perennes lugar, también los perros de crianza corredor de la muerte y me encanta escribir canciones.

He ganado un premio ASCAPlus por ser un exitoso compositor Latina en 2009 y 2010 con canciones colocado el 6 series de mayor éxito Muestra.

Morales tiene una banda en Colorado se nombre es “La Candela”.  Es una banda de Salsa, y como es tanto popular, estan cantando por muchas lugares.  Su trabajo por los que esperan a pasar el Dream Act es muy claro!


La Reforma Pro Inmigrante

Posted June 14th, 2011.

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Gregorio Uribe Big Band Latino En Vivo


Gregorio Uribe


Big Band Latino



Desde Nueva York

El músico Gregorio Uribe aparece en Un Día Sin Fronteras! Escuche la historia de un inmigrante que llegó a Estados Unidos y ha encontrado el Sueño Americano! Gregorio formó la “Big Band Latino”! Escuche la historia de los éxitos como “Caribe Contigo” y Gozar La Vida!


Gegorio Uribe y el Big Band Latino con su banda


Gregorio Uribe Big Band Latino


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Con El Abogado


Tim Paynter


1150 AM Denver, Colorado!



Save up to 90% with Rebtel for International Calls

Hablanos en cabina, 303.337.1150


Si no estas Tu, No Somos Todos!

Posted June 10th, 2011.

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