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Sambos Illimani Colorado, Next on Un Dia Sin Fronteras

The Bolivian dance troop,

Sambos Illimani Colorado

will be on

Un Dia Sin Fronteras

on Monday, February 17, 2014!

Inauguración de Sambos Illimani 2013

Please join host


Tim Paynter


Marco Fernandez


Monday at Noon

Mountain Standard Time!

Denver, Colorado

1150 AM Radio


In the


Controversial Program

Un Dia Sin Fronteras!




Posted February 16th, 2014.

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Dr. Frank Clavijo En La Programa Un Dia Sin Fronteras 1150 AM Tim Paynter



Para ayudar los que tienen trauma


¿Tiene que estar loco para usar un psicólogo?

¿Cómo puede un psicólogo ayudar a las personas sufriendo trauma?

Dr. Frank Clavijo aparece en Un Día Sin Fronteras para

explicar cómo funciona un psicólogo y que puede tomar ventaja de uno.

Al mediodía


1150 AM


Tim Paynter






En Vivo!

Posted November 25th, 2013.

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Sergio Garcia Con El Abogado Tim Paynter en Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Como nacer un abogado?  Se debe ser un ciudano?

 Sergio Garcia esta en la lucha para recibir su licencia a

practicar como un abogado, pero no lo tiene todos los

documentos estar una ciudano.  Aparece bien?


Sergio Garcia con Luis Gutierrez


Un Dia Sin Fronteras




Tim Paynter

1150 AM Radio

Denver, Colorado

Medio Dia, Lunes, Noviembre 18, 2013







Posted November 18th, 2013.

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Gregorio Uribe Working On BIG BAND Album

The Colombian Artist who mixes traditional Latin rhythms with modern Latin jazz is working on his next album.  Gregorio Uribe has enjoyed international success with his single, Caribe Contigo.  He formed the “big band Latino” and performs at popular venues including the Zinc Bar and Iridium in New York City.


 Gregorio Uribe



You can contribute to the success of this album through the Gregorio Uribe kickstarter  campaign.  Gregorio has a range of incentives including a personal lesson on the accordian depending upon the amount of your contribution.  This is a great way to support talented artists who bring original and thoughtful music to your front door!





While the team at Un Dia Sin Fronteras are great Gregorio Uribe Big Band Latino fans, we are not going to give you the sell job for this album.   The music sells all by itself.   Be sure to check out some of the other things Gregorio Uribe is doing!


Zinc Bar

Greenwich Village

82 W 3rd St  New York,

NY 10012
(212) 477-9462




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Tim Paynter

Writer, Producer, Attorney, Activist


Posted May 10th, 2013.

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Licenses For Undocumented Passes Colorado House/Senate, Waiting On Gov

 Rep. Jovan Melton with SB 251 Supporters

It was with some resignation House Republicans voted for the final time against granting licenses to undocumented immigrants.  It was the third and final reading of the law.  If the majority of the Colorado house voted for the law, it would go the Senate for conformance and then to the desk of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for signature.  The vote was exactly as predicted, 32 Republicans against.   The Democrats carried the day with 34 votes for the measure.


 The House Prepares For The Vote

Even if Governor Hickenlooper signs the law, immigrants won’t be driving legally in the state of Colorado any time soon.  In order to prepare the Colorado Department of Revenue which oversees Colorado licenses, the first license can’t be had until August of 2014, a little more than a year away.


 Colorado House Republicans

However, a year passes quickly, especially for people who have been waiting 13 years for the opportunity to apply for a license.  It was 1999 when the last immigrant was licensed and when the right to obtain a license by an undocumented person was withheld.

 Colorado Sen. Jessie Ulibarri Greets Supporters


Meanwhile, immigration reform is alive and moving in the U.S. Congress.  If passed, 7 out of 10 immigrants will have an opportunity to adjust their status to a “registered” person.  Under the current proposal proffered by the Gang of 8, immigrants who stay out of trouble for 10 additional years will be able to apply as permanent residents.  Follwing that, the immigrants will be able to apply for citizenship, providing the current 27 year backlog of waiting applications is cleared.



The issue of drivers licenses is important to all immigrants.  Just because immigrants can register does not necessarily mean they will be able to obtain licenses.  Licenses are managed on the State level.  Hence, some states may take the position immigrants cannot obtain licenses under their laws.  For a few states, including Washington State, Utah, New Mexico and Illinois, the matter is already resolved.  Immigrants can obtain licenses in those states.   If the Governor of Colorado signs the new law into effect, immigrants will be able to obtain a license in Colorado, as well.


Posted May 8th, 2013.

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Occupy Seattle May Day 2013 VIOLENCE


Civil Disobedience





Use Violence



Are Rubber Bullets and Flash Bombs

The Way To Respond To

Peaceful Protesters?




Michael Holden Damn. My ears are still ringing, and my nose is still running.

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A peaceful May Day rally turned violent near darkness in Seattle Washington. Police attacked the crowd using stun grenades and tear gas. Some protesters vented their rage at the system by smashing storefront windows. By around 9 P.M. at least 13 people were in custody on a variety of charges. Eight police officers reported being injured.

Robert Way Jr they shot one of thoes right at my baby’s stroller! got the pieces from it.

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Some people blamed immigration rights activists for the disturbance.  The Occupy movement, while sharing some common goals with immigration rights activists, is an independent political movement generally protesting the control large corporations have over the government.  In addition, some factions of the Occupy movement advocate for the poor, who they refer to as the 99%.



Immigrant’s rights activists advocate for the fair treatment of people who have relocated in the U.S. including humane treatment by the police and a set of rules or laws which carve out a niche of the American Dream for the immigrants.



Like the Occupy movement, immigrant’s rights organizations encourage the election of government representatives with a more inclusive point of view. As a general rule, while immigrant’s rights protests may involve civil disobedience and arrest, they rarely involve property destruction. Immigrants realize they cannot carve out a place for themselves if they use aggressive means or destroy property.


Immigrants marched all over the country with large events in LA and Denver remaining peaceful.


Sources include Reuters and Fox News.

Posted May 2nd, 2013.

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Colorado Undocumented Fighting For Licenses

The Committee, Licences for all people in Colorado announced it is close to having the required votes for passage.  If the law goes into effect, undocumented immigrants will have a chance to obtain drivers licenses in the Rocky Mountain State.

The Committee says there are compelling reasons to grant immigrants a license. First, there is the issue of fairness.  Colorado has public transportation, but the wide open venues spread miles apart make public transportation impractical at times.  This is especially true when people have to pick up children, get to work, stop at the store and have it all done so the kids can do homework.  Immigrants who can’t drive find themselves relegated to inner city neighborhoods with few job opportunities or shopping alternatives.


Tune in to 1150 AM radio

Mondays at noon, MST

Denver, Colorado


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Second, it is a matter of public safety.  Insurance can usually be had by most immigrants, even if they don’t have a license.  However, the quality of the insurance is often just enough to meet minimum standards.  Better insurance at more reasonable rates can be had by those who have a license.  Everyone does better when drivers are fully covered.

Public safety is also affected when police don’t have to spend extra time and assign additional patrol cars when an immigrant is stopped.  By simply presenting a license, the officer can identify the immigrant in the same manner they identify citizens.  That makes police work more efficient, allowing officers to spend the majority of time on more critical calls.

Immigrants who obtain licenses will have to take and pass a test. There is a benefit to all drivers when every driver studies the Colorado driving laws, which can be complicated.

Colorado is expecting the licensing effort to provide an economic boom to the state.  Immigrants spend money like all residents.  When they are able to effectively harness transportation, they can shop for the best prices rather than being relegated to buying fewer goods at higher prices in local shops.  Each sale, of course, generates sales tax which will help fund state services.

In order to qualify for the license, immigrants will have to provide proof they filed and paid state sales tax.  Most immigrants already file taxes, but those who have not filed will certainly pay taxes now.  Immigrants will also have to provide a solid proof of I.D.

Colorado citizens are safer when all resident drivers are

required to pass the written and practical driver’s exam, proponents say.

Even though the immigrants pay taxes, the license will be coded so that many state services remain unavailable to the immigrants.  In addition, the license won’t work for boarding airplanes, entering federally controlled buildings or for voting.

Colorado may soon become a forward looking state when it comes to immigrants.  Many people are re-evaluating the immigrant issue after the past election.  Some Republicans sensed the anti-immigrant rhetoric had changed the course of elections when citizen voters showed up to protest extreme and unfair anti-immigrant laws.

While some have always analyzed what immigrants cost the state, the new question is, what do immigrants contribute.  An honest answer in a few words is, a lot.  Most people, including Republicans and Democrats, feel there is a net benefit to having immigrants.   The benefit could extend into votes for whichever party is willing to take immigrant concerns into consideration during lawmaking sessions.

Even if the law passes today, there is an extensive lead time built into the law.  The lead time exists to give state administrators an opportunity to assess the costs of the new program, and to adjust fees so immigrants pay that cost.

While an obvious distinction will exist on non-citizen licenses, language has been built into the statute to prevent the licenses from being used to profile immigrants.  Officials, including voting referees and law enforcement, will be able to easily distinguish a citizen license from a non-citizen license.

However, an indication the person is a non-citizen by itself will not provide probable cause for further investigation by police officers absent additional evidence the officer has a reasonable suspicion a crime has been committed.  This should prevent the police from spending time on pointless stops in which the driver has done nothing to warrant the stop.

The Committee Licenses for All Coloradoans says they are short votes to get the measure passed in Colorado.  For this reason, they ask all people to contact their state legislator to urge the passage of the bill.

Granting licenses to Colorado immigrant residents will stimulate the economy, assure all licensed drivers are able to acquire quality auto insurance and return a sense to fairness in government for immigrants and the communities that depend upon the tax base immigrants help create.

Posted April 30th, 2013.

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Under The Rainbow Went My Undocumented Immigrant


Message From

Tim Paynter

Un Dia Sin Fronteras

One Day Under The Rainbow Is My Love

One thing we never have to worry about is me becoming a professional singer!

 Here is a message from the heart.

 The rest might best be left to the imagination!


If you are missing someone you love, don’t lose hope.  Many people are dedicated to reforming the laws which part so many people.  As advocates, we love our country.  We admire the strength and the leadership of those who have come to make it a better country.   We wish the law enforcement charged with dividing us the very best, for they have a difficult role to play.  Still, we believe we must keep working to improve our country and the great people who live within her.  Together we can solve any problem.  Apart we are lost under the rainbow of hope and dreams.



Please watch for news about many projects that are underway throughout the country.  Soon, Dreamer, a True American Story will be a reality at a theater near you!  Jesse said he just finished shooting his trailer and he soon will be cutting and getting it ready.  He says he wants to thank all of you who have made his dream come true.


Undocumented Productions

Soon, the Campaign For American Dream will be underway.   Each effort counts, each effort brings us closer to our goal of a unified society, one in which all of us can live as free people.  One society in which each of us can look for our American Dream Under the Rainbow!

Join us, Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Each Monday from 12:00 to 1:00 MST

Please help keep our program on the air with a small donation.

 $15.00 means a lot to us!


Thanks For Your Support!


Hey, if you know someone who can really sing, let us know!

We would love to hear some well thought out versus done by a pro!

If You Are A Dream Student Please Join Action Dream Team!

You are not alone!

Susanne Morales – Who Really Can Sing!



Dios te bendiga,

Tim Paynter

Posted August 25th, 2011.

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Festival Colombiano – 1150 En Accion



Un Gran Festival!




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Gozar El Dia Con


Radio 1150 Onda Am


Festival Colombiano!



Avenida 38  En El Calle Entre Navajo y Osage



Domingo, 17 de Julio, 2011

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Un Dia Sin Fronteras Con El Abogado Tim Paynter

Posted July 12th, 2011.

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