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La Injusticia Para Uno Es La Injusticia Para Todos!

Campaign For American Dream – Exclusive Interview

Campgaign For The American Dream


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Preparing to Kick Off!


Pablo will appear on the radio program



Un Dia Sin Fronteras




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With Talk Show Host



Tim Paynter



Monday, August 15th, 2012!


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Exclusive Interveiw with



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Part B


Part C


Pablo, with the Campaign For The American Dream talks with talk show host Tim Payter about the future of the nation, and an adventure that will change the lives of those who embark upon it, along with the lives of many people they touch along the way!


Leaving Januray, 2012


3000 Miles, 12 Million Souls


60 Million US Citizen Family Members


The Future of the Nation!


Talk to Pablo Live!


Call 303.337.1150


Monday, August 15th, 2011


12:00 Noon Mountain Standard Time!



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1150 AM Denver-C0lorado


Un Dia Sin Fronteras

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The Dream Act


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Pablo Appears LIVE on


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Monday, August 25th,


12:00 Noon


Mountain Standard Time!



Call Pablo, 303.337.1150


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