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Breaking: Raw Footage, Police Shooting, Bayview Hunter’s Point, SF



Police shoot suspect with gun


Bayview, Hunter’s Point

San Francisco


On Saturday July 16, 2011 at approximately 1640 hours San Francisco Police (SFPD) shoot and kill armed black male adult in the Bayview’s Hunters Point district near 6th street. Police shot male approximately 5 times. Crowd of onlookers start small riot. SFPD SWAT team and police officers from University of California police (UCSF Police) on scene to calm the growing number of spectators. Small silver colored handgun on the scene but later picked up by spectator whom later disappeared in crowd.

A crowd gathers and police do what they can to disperse the angry mob.  Meanwhile, a silver handgun which appears in the video is picked up by a pedestrian who disappears into the crowd.

This is raw footage, not pretty, don’t watch it if you are sensitive!


Tragic Death, why does it have to be this way?


Never Point a gun at a policeman.  If you do, then you could easily end up like the person in this video.  Rest assured, the police are likely better trained in small arms fire than you are.  The deck is stacked.  It is not worth your life to be a bad ass.


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If someone you know is packing heat, best to turn them in and let the cops deal with it.  No one wants to be a narc.  However, it may be the best situation for all concerned.  You have done no favors if the person you are trying to protect gets killed!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras




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