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Super Band, Super Suave, Subject of Documentary Film

Local Band Tells How To Start At Bottom, Rise In The Industry




Denver, Colorado.  Starting from Zero, the Super Suave Story is in process of being made, according to filmmaker Timothy Paynter.  The film will chronicle four immigrant band members and their rise in the music world as the local band, Super Suave.


“What does starting from Zero mean to you?” film maker Paynter recently asked.  “You will be surprised at the answer lead singer Alejandro Leharrazo gives to this question.” Paynter continued.

Paynter said starting from scratch, by walking through the desert to the U.S., takes on a new meaning when you are an immigrant.  Everything is harder to do since many immigrants don’t speak the language.

“The deck is completely stacked against immigrants making it in America.” Paynter noted.  “Yet here are four people who came to the U.S. with little or nothing and they are reaching for the stars.  If they can do it, you can do it too!”  Paynter said.

The group Super Suave has gained local notoriety in the West through brilliant marketing and by adapting conventional rock songs to a Cumbia beat.  For example, the band adopted the McCoy’s song, “Hang on Sloopy” to “Hang On Loopy“.    They took photographs with antique cars dressed in period clothing to advance their first album.

Paynter said “Starting from Zero, The Super Suave Story” should be available later this year.  Check back on the website for news and tune into 1150 am radio at noon on Mondays to Un Dia Sin Fronteras and Podemos Mejorar for more information.  Click the “On Air” button to hear the show live anywhere in the U.S.

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