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La Injusticia Para Uno Es La Injusticia Para Todos!

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Will Santa Come To Un Dia Sin Fronteras in time? Free Candle Of Hope For Doners!

Our radio program,


Un Dia Sin Fronteas, One Day Without Borders,


really needs your help! 


 Tim-Paynter, Dream-Act

Please donate something to Un Dia Sin Fronteras!

We will send you an electric candle if you donate $25 or more!




Light a candle for freedom!

Limited supplies, first come first served, but what a great investment!

We produce this program, moslty free of advertising, so we may stay independent!  We depend upon private donations like yours to keep us in the black.  We are not in the black.  In fact, we need an immediate infusion in order to continue to bing you the best in immigration news, information about Occupy and other freedom of speech and civil liberty organizations!


Please send santa to un Dia Sin Fronteras!




Dear Santa,

I listen to the radio program Un Dia Sin Fronteras with the attorney Tim Paynter every week!  Tim and his crew brings us news about how we can stay free!  Please don’t forget Un Dia Sin Fonteras!

All they need is for 12 people to pledge $25 a month for a year and they have it made!  But they are grateful people, Santa!  They will take all donations of any size!

Thanks, Santa, and don’t forget the milk and cookies I left for you! 



Please stand behind Un Dia Sin Fronteras!

Please Donate $25 here!



Un Dia Sin Fronteras supports the passage of the Dream Act and Comprehensive

Immigration Reform.  We stand behind the

 Campaign For An American Dream!


Please Donate to Un Dia Sin Fronteras, here!


Donations can also be sent to:


Tim Paynter

120 So. Kalamath Street

Denver, CO., 80223



For $26, we will send you an electric candle for freedom!  (While supplies last)



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