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Cops Attack Peaceful Protester, Pepper Spray Her, Youtube Footage







A group calling itself “Occupy Wallstreet” was attacked by Manhattan police today.   Over 20 people were arrested.


A group of peaceful demonstrators who had gathered to demonstrate the social inequality between the rich and poor was walking from Zucotti Park not far from Wall Street and Union Square. The group was chanting “Shame, Shame” and calling for changes in our system which gives wealthy people great advantage over poor people.


Suddenly, police officer who allegedgly has been named as Anthony V. Bologna, wearing a white supervisor’s  shirt, walked up to one of the protesters who had been fenced in by police netting. He discharged his pepper spray into the girl’s face, then calmly walked away as the girl fell to the ground. Nearby police officers may have been caught in the careless discharge of the spray bottle.


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Police Officer Identified as pepper spraying student, Officer Anthony V. Bolognia



Watch Livestream of the occupation


globalrevolution on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free


The occupation of Wall Street by Global Revolution is being watched around the world.  They are advocating for a fair and just system of government including treatment of immigrants fairly.

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