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La Injusticia Para Uno Es La Injusticia Para Todos!

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Campaign For American Dream Talks To Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Pablo Morales



Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras, Tim-Paynter

Talks to

Talk Show Host

Tim Paynter

1150-am,, 1150-onda, tim-paynter


Un Dia Sin Fronteras!


8 15 Campaign For American Dream


Campaign-For-American-Dream Part B


Campaign for american dream, Un Dia Sin Fronteras


 Facebook Silences Un Dia Sin Fronteras

We have been silenced by Facebook who suspended our posting rights for 15 days for “Spamming” and posting “Irrelevant” content.  That happened after we posted a notice on the United We Dream site.  We were unable to talk to  anyone on facebook, it is all automated.   What we got was an automated response and a threat to quit posting or face more “punishement”.   We would appreciate your help in reposting this page so others can hear the interview.

The message of immigration reform and the Dream Act is often silenced by ignorant fools who have little clue the damage they cause.   Undocumented youths face horrible choices in a land unsympathetic to the suffering of others.  Once Americans are made aware of the problems young people face, most are shocked.  They just didn’t know.  It is our job to tell the American public what is going on and why each of us must take a stance.

Thanks for listening in, for your words of support.  Our hearts are with those who suffer constant injustice in our great nation and we ask you to join us in speaking out!

Please Speak Out About the Dream Act!

You can tell people why young people should be able to go to college!  You can tell people why it is unfair for undocumented youth who came here often before they had memories should be able to obtain documents.  You can tell people why it is time to pass immigration reform, because it will add billions to the economy and because to continue under the existing system is manifestly unjust in a just nation!



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