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We Are All Stars – Cuentame!




We Are All Stars





Boycott Hate – Take A Stand





Be Part of History!


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Todos somos estrellas



Cuentame La Verdad!





Un Dia Sin Fronteras!

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Private Prisons – Evil Money – Boycott GEO






Private Prisons



Evil Money


How Much Is The Life



Of An Immigrant Worth?


DREAM ACT-immigration-reform


Join Us!  Become part of the Un Dia Sin Fronteras Speaking Team!


Manage your credit. Manage your life.





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Unite Arizona – Volunteer To End Racism



Volunteers Needed!


Unite Arizona



Unite Arizona is seeking volunteers who can help pass out ribbons at the All Star game Sunday, June 9th, 2011.

The organizers ask you to text “Unite AZ Volunteer”.  Please enter the date(s) you can join Unite Arizona!




On July 29th, 2010, the toughest anti-immigrant law in the history of the nation went into effect.  Called SB 1070, it was passed by conservatives who had gained control of the Arizona legislature.  In short, the law requires police to detain all person law enforcement suspects of being in the state “without documents”.  It was an invitation for racial profiling from the start!



While Judge Susan Bolton blocked some of the worst parts of the law, several key features still remained.  Others are in heated litigation which has cost Arizona millions of dollars to defend and forced a curb on government services including schools and health care.



SB 1070 is a law which on it’s face is evil and designed to bring about a division in various communities.  Shortly after the law was penned into law, boycotts were announced. Immediately, several states agreed to boycott Arizona, costing it millions of dollars in convention business.  The tax base has been significantly reduced and the real estate market in poorer Latino barrios went into a free fall.






Unfortunately, despite losing an ungodly amount of money for the business community, despite dramatic cut backs in government services, despite citizens protesting and going to jail, despite an out-of-touch legislature insists on full steam ahead with SB 1070.



Enter the All-Star Game.  The 82nd season is scheduled to be played in Arizona.  Even though immigrant’s rights groups pled with Bud Selig to move the game out of Arizona, Selig refused.  His refusal is a discredit to the many players of color, whom have made the game what it is today.  Selig’s decision is also a slap in the face for every citizen who opposes discriminating based upon national origin, race, sex, gender and financial status.



Unite-Arizona-Alto-Arizona-SB-1070Tough talking Bud Selig refuses to talk tough about Arizona injustice



July 8th through the 12th is Allstar Fan Week.  Activists ask people to wear a white ribbon in solidarity with those who suffer under Arizona’s climate of hate.  It is a chance for every citizen to stand up and make a statement about an inclusive America while rejecting the notion this great nation is one for only of privileged.  They call these kinds of people “All Stars” because they have the guts to stand up for what is right.



Please come out and be part of history.  Please help pass out ribbons.  Those who wear the ribbons have an excellent opportunity to tell others why SB 1070 has hurt the immigrant community so badly and why it and laws like it, including the ugly laws passed in Georgia, are bad for our country!



Please text the following number for more details and to become a Phoenix All-Star!






This day has two time slots:Sunday at 3pm and at 6pm.
Check the tweets on twitter: UniteAZ2011
Fan pagehttps://www.facebook.com/U​niteAZ
Website: UniteAZ.com


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


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Update – Alberto Yañez – In Deportation – Breaking

Alberto Yañez



dream act, Alberto-Yanez, united we dream, richard hartwell



Dream Act Student




I have been informed by a source “in the know” an announcement will be coming shortly.  We need to keep up the pressure, and keep Alberto and his family in our prayers!



Please stay tuned, we will bring you news of Alberto as soon as we hear!



Please take a moment to sign this petition if you have not already!


Save up to 90% with Rebtel for International Calls


Who else do you know who is suffering injustice at the hands of a broken immigration system?  Do you have a personal story you would like to share with us?  Please let us know and we will publish you!






Stay tuned to 1150 am radio Un Dia Sin Fronteras with Tim Paynter, Mondays at Noon, Mountain Standard Time!  If you are our of our area you can listen in on our live feed,







Just hit the “On Air” button in the side bar!


Let’s Pass the Dream Act and give young people like Alberto a chance at the American Dream!  Please pass this on to your friends and let’s bring enlightenment to a generation of people who don’t know what it is like to be young and undocumented!

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Stop Deportation Of Alberto Yañez – Dreamer Denied The Dream




Alberto Yañez


Arrested by ICE


Alberto Yañez


Please help stop his deportation!



One more Dreamer facing life in a strange land!



Yañez, from Elma, Washington, is facing deportation.  “Going home” is not something that is going to be an easy fit for the 24 year old. That is because he came to the US when he was only a year a half old.



Sure, he walked here.  Not really.  More likely, he was carried on the backs of relatives.  But an unfair immigration system does not care this young person had no say in crossing the border or exceeding a stay under a visa or a thousand other reasons why they can deport you. 




Under our justice system, we don’t usually hold babies responsible for committing what amounts to an administrative violation of immigration rules.  Don’t tell anyone, but most babies don’t have a clue what the border is, much less how to cross it.  How can they be responsible for violating the rules?  Immigration says Alberto has to go home anyway.




Richard Hartwell

That is not to say Alberto is anything short on the brains department. In third grade, Alberto was placed into a program for gifted children.  He was taking AP courses while in high school competing against his US born friends who were also upwardly mobile.  After getting to Washington he enrolled in a program called “running smart”, which allowed him to graduate from South Puget Sound Community College only 6 months after graduating from high school.






Evergreen State College

Alberto’s next step was Evergreen State College where he completed 5 quarters while holding down a full time job.  It had to be that way.  Alberto is the father of three children.  He has a family to support.




Please Sign Alberto’s Petition



But starting an early family has not kept this youth from reaching for the American Dream.  Alberto started his own business so he would have enough flexible time to be a good father and go back to school.  He wants to be a pharmacist tech and has been studying at Clover Park Technical College.  Despite working his tail off in two jobs and taking care of his children, he got a B in one of his classes during his first quarter at Clover.  He managed A’s in his other three classes.






Into every life some rain must fall.  For Alberto that rainy day came on November 16th, 2010.  Alberto was detained by ICE at his home.  That started a nightmare stay in ICE detention where he spent 30 agonizing days away from his family, away from his work and out of school.




Alberto’s next scheduled hearing is July 7th, 2011.  He may face deportation today.  His family and friends are asking you to sign a petition on his behalf.  Even if he does not get a free ride across the border today, meaning maybe his case might be continued, he can still use your support.  These cases tend to take awhile.  Strong community support is critical for successful candidates.


Clover Park Technical College

Alberto is exactly the kind of case they are talking about when they say President Barak Obama should stop deportations of Dream Act eligible students.  These include people who had little choice, or worse, have no memory about how they came to the US.  Either they are in school or soon to be in school.  Likely, they have strong family ties to the US, including children or parents who are US citizens.  Imagine what a deportation will do to the future of three kids who could be forced to grow up without a father.




Please sign Alberto’s petition




Please sign the petition originally penned by Richard Hartwell, an activist fighting his heart out for the passage of the Dream Act.  Let’s just say, if you have Richard on your side you have a darn good friend!


El Show En El 4 De Julio Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Un Dia Sin Fronteras


4 de Julio, 2011




Jennifer Piper



American Friends Service Committee









El cuatro de julio en Un Dia Sin Fronteras fue un gran éxito!






Tuvimos Jennifer Piper de la American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).







Ella habló sobre la protesta en el Banco Wells Fargo en Aurora, Colorado.








También habló de la vigilia en el centro de detención de inmigrantes previsto para esa noche.

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Vigil For Dignity Not Detention

Vigil for Dignity not Detention:



Stop contracts between



Pinal County Jail



and ICE




Location Pinal County Jail

(PCJ) Dentention Center, Florence AZ

971 N. Jason Lopez Cir.



Community members throughout the state of Arizona will come together to hold a vigil to stop county contracts between Pinal County Jail and ICE. This policy has resulted in many members of our community being unjustly detained.  Deportation followed shortly afterward.  This is an attack on migrant communities!


By coming together, we are saying NO MORE to county contracts between Arizona detention centers and ICE!  Your voice must be heard!


Pinal County Jail (PCJ) is notorious for its terrible conditions and for not respecting the dignity of prisoners.  We are treating immigrants like they are crooks, rapists and common criminals!  That is one reason why we are focusing our attention on PCJ.


This effort will help in many ways!  We will hold the vigil to support individuals inside the detention centers.  We will also bring awareness to the injustices perpetuated ICE when it contracts with ICE to put people into detention and eventual deportation!  Your participation is very important!


We will be carpooling from Tucson and Phoenix if you are interested in coming. Carpool info below:


From Phoenix: 5 pm at 3rd St. and McDowell: Los Olivos carwash/ Quality Inn Parking lot.


From Tucson: 5 pm at the Safeway parking lot at Ina and Oracle

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Manifestacion Para Jeanette Vizguerra – Victima De Una Systema Injusta

En solidaridad para detener las deportaciones:




Manifestacion de apoyo a Jeanette Vizguerra

13 de julio, 2011



17 y Welton, el centro de Denver:


Montar fuera de Palacio de Justicia de 7 a.m.

Solidaridad Rally 07:30


Favor de traer los nombres

y / o alguien que usted sabe photoso de afectadas por la deportación

(incluyéndote a ti mismo!) 

Flyering a correr la voz acerca 8:15 am deportaciones


Jeanette Vizguerra, líder de la comunidad, madre de tres hijos-un ciudadano de un líder de cinco meses-y el PAR, sin antecedentes penales anteriores se enfrenta a su próxima audiencia del tribunal de inmigración en su búsqueda por permanecer en los EE.UU. con su familia.

Save up to 90% with Rebtel for International Calls



Para quedar libre, debemos unir cuando una persona en la comunidad esta en peligro.  Por favor, vienes con nosotros, y ayuda la causa de este persona en la comunidad!

No tienes miedo! Juntos podemos hacer lo que solo, ningun persona se puede! 


Las últimas noticias que hemos recibido de abogado Jeanette es que lo más probable es que va a recibir otra extensión el miércoles debido a un tope de visas disponibles. Ahora estamos esperanzados de que Jeanette podría ser capaz de calificar para la siguiente serie de visas que estarán disponibles en octubre de este año. Incluso si la decisión del juez se pospuso una vez más, nuestra presencia es tan importante, especialmente para hacer visible este proceso largo y doloroso.



Nuestra campaña no es sólo apoyar a los líderes RAP Jeanette y Gerardo, sino también educar al Inglés de habla pública norteamericana sobre el daño terrible que se hace a las familias en todo el país en su nombre por el sistema de inmigración roto.



Así que por favor venga pie en solidaridad con Jeanette y otros que enfrentan la deportación, entonces únase a nosotros para una acción flyering! Ayúdanos a difundir la palabra a todas las buenas personas que vienen a trabajar el centro. Nosotros le ayudaremos a la preparación, proporcionar los volantes, y luego dividir en grupos para ir a repartir volantes e involucrar al público en general (brief!) conversación sobre el tema.

Una vez que la audiencia de Jeanette se lleva a cabo, los líderes del equipo recibirá un mensaje de texto por lo que se reúnen en el Palacio de Justicia para escuchar los últimos resultados.


Vamos en la unidad y con FE y esperanza que todo va bien con

Jeanette, y los demas que sufren abajo de leyes injustos.

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Ask President Obama To Stop The Deportations! Free Arizona Map!

Ask President Obama


To Stop The


Deportation Of

Dream Eligble Students





Put a Price On Hate



Get Your Free Arizona Map






Let the Arizona Department of Tourism Pay For It!





Tim Paynter and Cong.  Jared Polis (D-Colo)


Please sign this petition and help pass


the Dream Act and Put A Price On Hate!



Un Dia Sin Fronteras – A Day Without Borders!

Change.org|Start an Online Petition »

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Vigil At GEO Group Immigration Prison


We hold a vigil outside GEO On July 4th 2011



We sing, we pray, we ask for peace, we ask for freedom

American Friends Service Committee








Comunidad Liberación/Liberation Community




We ask for the freedom of those unjustly held!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras (participant)




We stand up against injustice, we pray for peace



On the 4th of July, 2011, we mourn the loss of freedom.  Our country is imprisoning more people than ever before.  The Obama Administration is deporting more people in the history of our nation, about 450,000 people last year alone.  The deaths in the desert from an unjust immigration system have risen to over 230 people last year, and those are the ones who were founds.  Countless fathers, daughters and relatives have disappeared into the desert between the US and Mexico, never to be heard from again.



Meanwhile, GEO Group and Corections Corporation of America are cleaning house at tax payer’s expense.  They make over $130 per day for every person they incarcerate.  These prisons-for-profit are not happy with the millions of dollars they are milking from tax payers.  They want more beds, and obviously more prisoners!  Immigrants make up a significant portion of the population of these prisons for hire.



Today, we met at the GEO facility and held a vigil.  We heard testimony from those who have been detained before as to the desperate conditions of the people held inside.  For example, we heard the story of the person whose cell block was locked down for three days because they asked for toilet paper.  Five rolls for 70 men was plenty, greedy GEO claimed.  For merely making the request, prisoners were confined to their tiny cells for three days.


E-Z to Get In, Hard to Get Out

These are people who came to this country looking for opportunities, with no criminal histories, with families and employers who depend upon them.  These are people who pay taxes, own businesses and contribute to the well being of their community.  These are Dream Students, people of faith, parents, uncles, grandparents, babies.


A company whose morality allows the incarceration of people for profit has no problem leaving inmates “unclean” to make a few more cents.  GEO is a company whose human rights record is far less than stellar.  This extra harsh treatment will be one of the last memories some immigrants have of the US on 4th of July.  An uncaring nation which allows private companies to make a buck at their expense.


We ask you to join us at the next vigil.  It is held the first Monday of every monthy.  Come on by 37th and Peoria in Aurora Colorado.  Tell your story.  Share your outrage.  Let your voice be heard.  We cannot be a free nation when we remain silent while unjust conditions continue.