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Mohammad Abdollahi Asks Help For Andy Mathe, Dreamer Detained

Andy Mathe


Dreamer, Andy-Mathe, Mathe, ICE, Deportation

“One, two, three o’clock four o’clock rock.  We are going to rock, rock rock tonight.”  While the words to the song sound great, there won’t be any rocking for Andy Mathe.   Immigration detention is not a place where things rock.  Rather, it is a place where time stands still, where futures are unsure, where loss of liberty and unpleasant living conditions are tolerated on the chance justice will finally be done.   That is where Andy is tonight, waiting to find out what his future will be in an ICE prison.

The Mathe family fled to Atlanta, Georgia, from Rwanda, South Africa.  Life takes on a different meaning in Rwanda.  Perhaps better said, life has little meaning if you don’t walk on the popular side of the political sidewalk.   where they kill people who don’t side with current political ideas.  After family members received death threats, they came to the US and asked for Asylum.


Rescue Children At Risk


Making a case out for asylum is not as easy as it might sound.  Nothing is automatic, and many people don’t qualify.  Or at least that is what the judge says, and the judge almost always gets his way.

Andy Mathe is still in jail, ICE is currently reviewing his case and will soon decide whether he’ll be deported back to Africa where he could be killed, or returned to the safety of his family in Atlanta, Georgia.

Call ICE: Demand Safety for Mathe Family

The family needs your help, we need to convince ICE they need to grant deferred action for the family.  Please make a call to ICE for the Mathe family, your 30 second call can be the difference we need:

“I am calling to ask that Andy Mathe (A#88-488-386) and his family be allowed to stay. If deported the entire family could be killed, please grant deferred action for the Mathe Family, their life is in danger.”

Janet Napolitano: 202-282-8495

John Morton: 202-732-3000

If you need any additional motivation please check out this video of Hope pleading for support for her son, Andy.

Thank you,

Mohammad Abdollahi
co-founder of DreamActivist.org


Un Dia Sin Fronteras



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Andy Mathe, Dream Act, Immigration Reform

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In Defense of Jeanette Vizguerra, Stop The Deportation!

Student activist


Has a message for you….




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Un Dia Sin Fronteras



We must stand up for those who face a broken system!  Please support Jeanette in her fight to remain in the United States.  She is a mother, a long time resident, no criminal history to note, and a community friend who has done a lot for the cause of immigrants and others who want a free life in America!



immigration reform, jeanette vizguerra, deportation, un dia sin fronteras



We were all very happy when the decision to delay deportation was delayed.  Jeanette may qualify for a certain type of visa but there are no more available this year.  Here case was delayed to see if she will qualify next go around!

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Dreamer Getting Closer, NEW VIDEO Please Contribute or Repost!




New Video!


Please Help This Great Cause!



25 Hours To Go!


A message from  Jesse Salmeron

Dear Friends,

The Meet and Greet went very well and I really enjoyed meeting some of you.  I look forward to meeting more of you when we do our Kickstarter screenings next year.

Normally I prefer to stay behind the camera.  But this time, I think, I should try a different approach.  But before I turn it over to the video, I’d like to ask you to tell all your friends and family that at the Meet and Greet another Angel Donor stood and offered to match EVERY contribution until midnight today up to our $50,000 goal.  That means that instead of the roughly $18,000 left all we have to raise is $9,000 and we reach our goal.  Please spread the news.  This could easily push us to success.

Thank you for your support.


Jesse Salmeron



Immigrants2bfree=Mas De Inmigracion!



Immigrants2bfree=More Immigration News!



The production team for Dreamer is getting closer, but a few more bucks will go a long way!  How else can we tell the story of so many young people who are waiting for their future in America?


Here is a new video from the Dreamer Production team.  Would you:


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Arizona News From Leah Jo Carnine

Leah Jo Carnine



Vigil At Pinal County Detention Center

Florence is a prison town located between Tucson and Phoenix near the drying Salt River. The industry and economy of this small Arizona town centers around the incarceration of humans in nine state and federal prisons, two private prisons, and an increasing number of Immigration detention centers. Immigrants waiting for deportation or immigration court dates are held at five separate long-term detention facilities in Florence and Eloy- for weeks to months to years- often held on minor infractions while their families wait outside.





Editor’s Note: Check Out Vigilante Justice

On July 7, a group of community members, formerly detained migrants, faith leaders and migrant rights activists held the first protest vigil in recorded history against detention and criminalization in the town of Florence. Circled up on the hot concrete of the Pinal County Jail parking lot as the sun began to set, the group sang songs and shared stories to build solidarity and support over the walls of private prisons and county immigration centers to the migrants locked inside.




The vigil was held at Pinal County Jail (PCJ) to bring attention to the particularly atrocious conditions inside. Although all of the detention centers are unjust, none are worse than PCJ, which is notorious for the ongoing mistreatment and abuse of detainees. In PCJ, migrants are not allowed to go out outside or see their families in visitation, and ICE agents regularly lock inmates down for minor infractions like detainees not making their beds. For more information on PCJ, check out this Phoenix New Times article.

Phoenix New Times Article

The activists and formerly detained migrants are well aware of the larger legacy and impacts of criminalization of communities of color, of which PCJ and immigration detention is one result. In Arizona, and increasingly throughout the country, we are seeing the spread and increase in private prisons, and the selling of immigrants to fill them. “Through contracts with private corporations and local county jails, ICE detains 3,000 immigrants on any given day in Arizona” states Victoria Lopez in the newly released ACLU report “In Their Own Words: Enduring abuse in Arizona Detention centers”.


Immigration Detention, ICE, Pinal County, ICE Raid


We are also seeing the spread of creative resistance, from the mass marches and “buy spots” in Georgia in response to SB1070 copycat laws, to the Neighborhood defense committees of migrant communities organizing in self defense spreading across the country, to actually bringing presence and resistance to the detention centers themselves- for the first time in history.


Carpools from Phoenix and Tucson joined in Florence at 6:30 in the evening, greeted by a blockade of cops to intimidate. As activists and community members trickled in, post-cards were handed out to encourage ICE to end county contracts with PCJ. An artist in Phoenix had made posters saying ‘Dignity not detention“,


‘stop the sale of migrants’, and ‘end county contracts with ICE’. The vigil was held in hopes of pushing ICE to end its’ immigrant detention contract with the county. And they will be held ongoingly to increase pressure towards this end.




Raul Al-qaraz- Ochoa started off the program with a poem in Spanish, “Nuestra vida es una revelación, una lucha, una rebeldía (Our life is a revelation, a struggle, a rebellion)” he continued, “Decimos No a las fronteras! Y decimos ¡Un alto a los centros de detencion!! (We say no to borders and an end to all detention centers!)”.

Shortly after, Fernando Lopez, an activist with the Puente movement in Phoenix entered the middle of the circle to speak. He had been released from PCJ just that afternoon, after countless friends and fellow activists raised the funds to bail bond him out from immigration detention. He thanked the crowd, told stories from being inside, about friends he’d made who’d been held in PCJ for 13 months, unable to see their children and partners, or feel the sun.

The proximity to the detention center heightened the intensity of the stories, bringing them home to the hearts of the protesters. After Fernando spoke, Hector, who had been released from CCA private prison after 5 months of detention shared stories, and messages of hope for our organizing and support. With songs led by UU faith leaders, with stories and visioning for next steps, the group committed to meet monthly in Florence, to continue to raise awareness of the injustices of immigration detention, and put pressure on ICE to end county contracts with PCJ.


Note: Photos added from Google Images by Publisher.


Un Dia Sin Fronteras

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Dick Durbin


Speaks About




Dream Act




Dream Act




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Russell Pearce Asked To Resign, Has Been Recalled, By By SB 1070!

Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce

Asked To Resign



Raw Footage




From New America Media



Because this senator refuses to represent all of the people in his district, because he is th architect of SB 1070, the most vicious anti-immigrant law in the history of the US….





because he constantly proposes new laws which get his name in the papers and which cost Arizona tax payers an MINT, because government services including schools, teachers and police have been cut since the passage of SB 1070…




because the business community suffered multi-million dollar losses after demonstrations and national boycotts which continue to this day, because people have died when Arizona refused them health care and transplants while funding litigation to support a racist law…






because Sen. Russell Pearce allied himself with anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio





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Festival Colombiano – 1150 En Accion



Un Gran Festival!




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Radio 1150 Onda Am


Festival Colombiano!



Avenida 38  En El Calle Entre Navajo y Osage



Domingo, 17 de Julio, 2011

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Un Dia Sin Fronteras Con El Abogado Tim Paynter

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Gregorio Uribe – “Caribe Contigo” Monday at Noon MST






I have been trying to get Gregorio on Un Dia Sin Fronteras for weeks now.  Unfortunately, he got stuck in   Colombia working on getting his passport renewed!  Gregorio says he will be with us on July 11th, 2011.



This is an immigrant artist with a great message for living life.  Please join us to hear Gregorio’s story, and for some inspiration.  This is a great show for young people who would like to learn music!





1150 am radio



We will also have news from RAP –



Derechos Para Todos


Jeanette Vizguerra



Un Dia Sin Fronteras



12:00 a el medio dia MST


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2:00 New York Time




Or listen by net!  Hit the side bar for a live feed!

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Bands, Music, Poets, Fun! Haymarket Squares!


Hay Market Squares!


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Now Playing “By Surprise” at your local restaurant!

A band with a social conscience and a bluegrass flair!



The band gained notoriety when it performed at various protest events against the most vicious anti-immigrant law in history to that date, SB 1070.


Hay Market Squares!

Stand Up For Your Rights!

Un Dia Sin Fronteras!


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St. Therese School Sale at Mile High Event Center!


What:  St. Therese Church



and school Garage Sale



catholic school aurora colorado



Where?  At Mile High Marketplace







When?  Saturday, July 9th, 2011 at 7:00am –



Sunday, July 10th, at 5:00pm



But Where?   Mile High Marketplace

7007 E. 88th Avenue  Denver, Colorado



Vengan a Apoyar  a los grupos


de jovenes de Sta. Teresa Huellas de Cristo!



Los fondos son para los jovenes para poder


seguir con su crecimiento.



Se les agradese su apollo.



But Where?  Los espacios


son J-80, J-82, y J-84


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Un Dia Sin Fronteras Supports

The Community!


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