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Dreamer Getting Closer, NEW VIDEO Please Contribute or Repost!




New Video!


Please Help This Great Cause!



25 Hours To Go!


A message from  Jesse Salmeron

Dear Friends,

The Meet and Greet went very well and I really enjoyed meeting some of you.  I look forward to meeting more of you when we do our Kickstarter screenings next year.

Normally I prefer to stay behind the camera.  But this time, I think, I should try a different approach.  But before I turn it over to the video, I’d like to ask you to tell all your friends and family that at the Meet and Greet another Angel Donor stood and offered to match EVERY contribution until midnight today up to our $50,000 goal.  That means that instead of the roughly $18,000 left all we have to raise is $9,000 and we reach our goal.  Please spread the news.  This could easily push us to success.

Thank you for your support.


Jesse Salmeron



Immigrants2bfree=Mas De Inmigracion!



Immigrants2bfree=More Immigration News!



The production team for Dreamer is getting closer, but a few more bucks will go a long way!  How else can we tell the story of so many young people who are waiting for their future in America?


Here is a new video from the Dreamer Production team.  Would you:


a.  Contribute a few bucks to help this great cause;




b.  Pass this on so someone else can make a gift?


Best to do both!






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Please Give To the Dreamer Movie Cause!




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