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Bands, Music, Poets, Fun! Haymarket Squares!


Hay Market Squares!


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Now Playing “By Surprise” at your local restaurant!

A band with a social conscience and a bluegrass flair!



The band gained notoriety when it performed at various protest events against the most vicious anti-immigrant law in history to that date, SB 1070.


Hay Market Squares!

Stand Up For Your Rights!

Un Dia Sin Fronteras!


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St. Therese School Sale at Mile High Event Center!


What:  St. Therese Church



and school Garage Sale



catholic school aurora colorado



Where?  At Mile High Marketplace







When?  Saturday, July 9th, 2011 at 7:00am –



Sunday, July 10th, at 5:00pm



But Where?   Mile High Marketplace

7007 E. 88th Avenue  Denver, Colorado



Vengan a Apoyar  a los grupos


de jovenes de Sta. Teresa Huellas de Cristo!



Los fondos son para los jovenes para poder


seguir con su crecimiento.



Se les agradese su apollo.



But Where?  Los espacios


son J-80, J-82, y J-84


Mifi WiFi Broadband-Faster Internet!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras Supports

The Community!


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We Are All Stars – Cuentame!




We Are All Stars





Boycott Hate – Take A Stand





Be Part of History!


Save up to 90% with Rebtel for International Calls



Todos somos estrellas



Cuentame La Verdad!





Un Dia Sin Fronteras!

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Private Prisons – Evil Money – Boycott GEO






Private Prisons



Evil Money


How Much Is The Life



Of An Immigrant Worth?


DREAM ACT-immigration-reform


Join Us!  Become part of the Un Dia Sin Fronteras Speaking Team!


Manage your credit. Manage your life.





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Unite Arizona – Volunteer To End Racism



Volunteers Needed!


Unite Arizona



Unite Arizona is seeking volunteers who can help pass out ribbons at the All Star game Sunday, June 9th, 2011.

The organizers ask you to text “Unite AZ Volunteer”.  Please enter the date(s) you can join Unite Arizona!




On July 29th, 2010, the toughest anti-immigrant law in the history of the nation went into effect.  Called SB 1070, it was passed by conservatives who had gained control of the Arizona legislature.  In short, the law requires police to detain all person law enforcement suspects of being in the state “without documents”.  It was an invitation for racial profiling from the start!



While Judge Susan Bolton blocked some of the worst parts of the law, several key features still remained.  Others are in heated litigation which has cost Arizona millions of dollars to defend and forced a curb on government services including schools and health care.



SB 1070 is a law which on it’s face is evil and designed to bring about a division in various communities.  Shortly after the law was penned into law, boycotts were announced. Immediately, several states agreed to boycott Arizona, costing it millions of dollars in convention business.  The tax base has been significantly reduced and the real estate market in poorer Latino barrios went into a free fall.






Unfortunately, despite losing an ungodly amount of money for the business community, despite dramatic cut backs in government services, despite citizens protesting and going to jail, despite an out-of-touch legislature insists on full steam ahead with SB 1070.



Enter the All-Star Game.  The 82nd season is scheduled to be played in Arizona.  Even though immigrant’s rights groups pled with Bud Selig to move the game out of Arizona, Selig refused.  His refusal is a discredit to the many players of color, whom have made the game what it is today.  Selig’s decision is also a slap in the face for every citizen who opposes discriminating based upon national origin, race, sex, gender and financial status.



Unite-Arizona-Alto-Arizona-SB-1070Tough talking Bud Selig refuses to talk tough about Arizona injustice



July 8th through the 12th is Allstar Fan Week.  Activists ask people to wear a white ribbon in solidarity with those who suffer under Arizona’s climate of hate.  It is a chance for every citizen to stand up and make a statement about an inclusive America while rejecting the notion this great nation is one for only of privileged.  They call these kinds of people “All Stars” because they have the guts to stand up for what is right.



Please come out and be part of history.  Please help pass out ribbons.  Those who wear the ribbons have an excellent opportunity to tell others why SB 1070 has hurt the immigrant community so badly and why it and laws like it, including the ugly laws passed in Georgia, are bad for our country!



Please text the following number for more details and to become a Phoenix All-Star!






This day has two time slots:Sunday at 3pm and at 6pm.
Check the tweets on twitter: UniteAZ2011
Fan pagehttps://www.facebook.com/U​niteAZ
Website: UniteAZ.com


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


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