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RAP Sends A Message To Wells Fargo



American Friends Service Committee




Padres y Jovenes Unidos

Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Immigrant Protests Investor Of Private Prisons GEO and Wells Fargo Wells Capital Management


Action against Wells Fargo Bank.



Wellsfargo Bank and Wells Capital Management and GEO Group


Wells Capitol Management, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Bank, is one of the largest institutional investors of GEO immigration detention} centers.

Wells Fargo Wells Capitol Management Protest against GEO


Wells Capital Management makes money each time an immigrant is detained.  The practice is considered immoral by many.



Padres Y Jovenes RAP AFSC MoveOnDenver Protest Wells Capitol Management

At the very least, the owners of GEO should not be the same people who are in charge of our community banking.

Protest Wellsfargo GEO Wells Capital Management Deportation ICE

Activists asked the local branch of Wellsfargo to sell the portion of GEOwhich it owns and invest the funds in the community instead!


Moveondenver.org rap padres y jovenes wellsfargo GEO Wells Capitol


Why put your money into a bank with a subsidiary which profits from the detention of the people in the community?  Please help send a message to predatory corporations who are willing to make a buck at any price?


Why not put your money into a credit union which invests in membership and community?

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Wells Fargo Bank = Wells Capital Management = GEO Immigrant Detention

Wells Fargo Bank



Owner of Wells Capital Management



Owner of


GEO – Immigrant Detention Center


(Wells Capital Management is One of the largest institutional investors of GEO Group)






If you have money in this bank, why not close your account and invest your money in an institution which is concerned about building communities?  Why put your money into an institution which invests}in putting people in private jails?


RAP Activists Protest In Front Of Wells Fargo Bank

Why put your money into an institution which courts immigrant accounts while it’s subsidiary makes a healthy return by placing thesesame people in detention centers at citizen expense?





How does this help unite people and build a stronger America?  Why is it important for your community bank to be vested in the community it serves?

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