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 Please Help This Dreamer With A Donation

Please stand behind a family in crisis



Sigifredo’s father is scheduled for deportation Sunday,

July 31st, 2011


The entire family plans to return to Mexico

Leaving Sigifredo here alone…

dreamer, dream act, sigifredo pizana, un dia sin fronteras


That leaves Sigifredo in the US Alone


A Dreamer who depends upon the Dreamer Family

Dream Act

Richard Hartwell from the Action Dream Team

Will join us tomorrow on 1150 am radio!


Please help Sigifredo as he prepares to move

to a new community

Sets up a new home for himself

Reapplies to college – He had to pull out of college

due to the current crisis

He needs travel funds to relocate.

He must move out of the family home.

 He needs funds to hold him over until he can find a job.

Sigifredo wants to go back to school.


He graduated with honors after taking AP classes

while in high school


Sigifredo wants to study accounting



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Tune Into 1150 AM Radio To Hear Sigifredo Live


Tell his story to Talk Show Host Tim Paynter


Un Dia Sin Fronteras One Day Without Borders!

Or Tune In By Internet Feed

Monday, August 1st, 2011

12:00 pm Mountain Standard Time


Un Dia Sin Fronteras 


Pass The Dream Act!


Dream Act, Sigifredo Pizana

Action Dream Team


 Please Help Sigifredo Pizana Stay In The US


If 1000 people donate $10.00 he will have enough money to safely move to a friendlier community, rent an apartment, look for a job apply for college again, and begin a new life with his Dreamer family.

Sigifredo is a brilliant student, a musician and a mathmetitcian

He came here when he was a child and will qualify for the Dream Act if it is passed, hence coming into compliance with US law.


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Dreamhost Promo Code


Sigifredo Pizaña, Dreamer Under Attack, Please Help Or Repost




Dreamer Under Attack

Hear Him Live on

1150 AM Radio


Un Dia Sin Fronteras with

Attorney Tim Paynter


tim paynter, un dia sin fronteras, dream act

Monday, August 1st, 2011

12:00 Noon Mountain Standard Time!


Talk show host Tim Paynter interviews Sigifredo


 Live Feed To Hear Sigifredo Monday!

 All little kids worry about losing a parent one time or another.  For Sigifredo Pizaña, the idle worry of a child has turned into the reality of a young teen.  Sigifredo’s father was stopped by Michigan law enforcement.   A simple ticket turned out to be a date with ICE.  The process has moved very quickly for Sigifredo.


dream act student, un dia sin fronteras

Stormy Waters on Lake Michigan


The family, exhausted by the constant anti-Latino sentiment, tired of trying to do things the legal way in a country that does not give you the option, tired of looking for jobs that pay little, often with employers who have no problem taking advantage of undocumented immigrants, well let’s just say the family has made a crucial decision.  They are not going to wait in line.  They are just giving up on the American dream.


That is very sad considering had ICE picked Sigi’s dad up 8 months later, things might be different.  That is how close Sigifredo’s dad is to being in the United States for 10 years.   With 10 years under his belt the Mexican immigrant stood a chance, according to attorneys.  But being 8 months short of the 10 year period leaves everyone out in the cold.  Especially Sigifredo.


dream act student

 A father gives up on the system

Young Sigi is a musician.  He wants to go to school.  He would like to break the chain of poverty which has strapped him and his family for generations.  He even wants to study something most people don’t know a lot about, actuarial science.  That is how they figure out what to charge for life insurance, in case you need to ask.  I had to ask.



Listen to Sigifredo’s music Playing Sigi.mp3


Dreamer Need Help?

Contact Action Dream Team


Sigifredo is an honors student who was taking AP classes in high school.  He will make a great citizen if he only gets a chance. 


dream act, un dia sin fronteras, tim paynter, ICE

If we throw the dreams of our youth away where will our future lie?

Please Help This Dreamer Out With

A Small Donation

The 19 year old youth will qualify under the Dream Act if he stays.  If Sigifredo goes back to Mexico with the family, there won’t be any Dream Act for him.  He won’t qualify.  Under most drafts of the Act, a student needs to have arrived by their 16th birthday.  Sigifredo meets that requirement so long as he does not leave the country.  Once he steps foot outside of the US, all bets are  0ff.


We have a Dreamer whose life and dreams are under attack.  The youth needs to make some fast decisions and none of them are nice.   Staying in the United States means parting with his family, likely for many years.  Going to Mexico means giving it all up.  Sigifredo needs our help.  Please, please…this one time, please give a hand up to a young person who does not want a handout.



Sigifredo will be forced to leave the family home.  Sunday is the last day in the US for his father.  The rest of the family will follow in a few days.  Sigi has no one.  There is a community willing to help Sigifredo out, but he has to get there on his own.  Even then, he will mostly be on his own.  At the least, he needs to travel to friendly hands.  He needs to find a place where a mere traffic stop does not mean deportation.


Please stand with Sigifredo and

Please Click Here To Make A Donation



Please donate to a Dreamer under attack.  And tune in to Un Dia Sin Fronteras to hear Sigfredo live on Monday.  We will post a link for fund donations directly.



 Please Donate To Help Sigifredo


Live Feed For Show 


Un Dia Sin Fronteras






Gregorio Uribe Beatles Arrangement Catch Him At The Zinc In NYC

Gregorio Uribe



Big-Band-Latino, Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras


Uribe Big Band Latino!


Live At The

Zinc Bar, NYC

Gregorio-Uribe-Un Dia-Sin-Fronteras

Thursday, August 4 at 10:00 pm – August 5 at 1:00 am


gregorio uribe, big band latino, un dia sin fronterasx

Location Zinc Bar

82 West 3rd Street

New York, NY


Thursday, August 4 at 10:00 pm – August 5 at 1:00 am



On thursday, the Big Band will be presenting a classic

Beatles tune redrafted and remolded in a Cumbia!

Gregorio says, “…oh yes! Beatles con Alegre,

Tambora y Marcon! Can you

guess which tune it might be?”


Gregorio Uribe Big Band.com


Gregorio Uribe has created a new sound by blending Cumiba and other Colombian rhythems with “funk” and “groove”!  Musicians from several countries around the world have come together to form the “Big Band Latino” sound.  It is a dream and a collaberation of some of the world’s best talents.


Gregorio-Uribe, Big-Band-Latino


Uribe is an immigrant from Colombia who toured parts of South and Central America as a youth.  He studied the music of country-side, called “folkloric” music.  Uribe came to the US to study music and began to form the roots of the 16 piece brass and rhythem band called the “Uribe Big Band Latino.”


Gregorio Uribe Big Band.com 


The Big Band has played in multiple venues including the exclusive Iridium Night Club and of course, the Zinc Bar.  Recently, the band returned from a tour of Uribe’s native Colombia where it was wildly accepted.



Uribe has shared the stage with Grammy Award winning artists including Rubén Blades and Carlos Vives.   As the Big Band continues to create it’s legend, one day, soon enough, the reverse may be true.    Others will say they have shared the stage with the Colombian immigrant Gregorio Uribe and Big Band Latino, well deserved of Grammy recognition!


Come join Gregorio Uribe and the 16 piece Big Band Latino at the Zinc bar!  Latin Music and ingenious arranging have earned this band a big reputation.  You won’t be disappointed!


Be There or



Un Dia Sin Fronteras


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Dreamer Interview – Jesse Salmeron, Vannessa Vasquez, Monday 7-27






A True American Story

Listen to Talk Show Host



Tim Paynter




Dreamer a true american story

Jesse Salmeron



And Actress Vannessa Vasquez

un dia sin fronteras



Un Dia Sin Fronteras



1150 am radio



or listen via our internet feed!



12:00 Noon Mountain Standard Time



Monday July 25th, 2011!



Toca Una Nota Para Libertad!




Marlon Arboleda Needs Your Support!



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Marlon Arboleada Asked To Surrender To ICE, Stop Deportation Of Dreamer

Colombian Nationals, Brothers


In Deportation


 Mauro Arboleda granted deferred action; Marlon Arboleda  waits his fate.

The Arboleda brothers, Mauro and Marlon, came to the US from Colombia to escape violence in the huge country poised at the tip of South America.  The year 2004 was a bad one for those who lived in a country stricken by a civil war for years.   In fear for their lives, the brothers fled Colombia for the United States.  In 2007, the brothers filed for asylum, claiming their lives would be at risk if they were returned to Colombia.

A few weeks ago, Mauro, who tutors students, was stopped by ICE while on the way to give a lesson.  ICE had been setting up roadblocks near the house and stopped the Colombian immigrant.  Despite having a license, he was detained.  After hearing news of the event, brother Marlon refused to leave the house.  Living in fear is something nearly all immigrants share in common.  However, Marlon was especially fearful.



Arboleda Brothers, deportation, ICE, asylumCommunity protest in support of the Arboleda Brothers

Recently, ICE granted Mauro deferred status, meaning he can stay in the country for a longer time.  Why not?  This is a brilliant honors student who graduated from the University of Houston with a BA in finance and a minor in global energy management.  The eager student wants to continue his studies and plans to take the GRE exam, a requirement for students who seek advanced degrees.  Mauro wants to study mechanical engineering at the University of Houston.

Now it is Marlon’s turn.  ICE has asked him to turn himself in assuring the youth he will be granted deferred status, as well.  Why the youth must subject himself to ICE detention if the agency plans to grant him deferred status remains to be seen.   The community is concerned for both brothers and has come to support them.  Please sign their petition and help these brothers remain in the US.

The US cannot continue to deport it’s brightest people and continue to compete in a world economy.   Worse, it cannot continue to educate youths, then attempt to compete against them after deporting them, and not fall behind in world affairs.  The practice of deporting capable young people to satisfy quotas must come to a stop.  That is why Rep. Luis Gutierrez has proposed Pres. Barak Obama issue an executive order haling deportation of Dream eligible students pending a willing congress who addresses our broken immigration system.

Please support these two brothers and sign their petition.  Let’s make this a better America for everyone who wants to live the American Dream!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras




Listen to director Jesse Salmeron of Dreamer, a True American Story and Actress Vannessa Vasquez on Un Dia Sin Fronteras, Monday, July 25th, 2011 at Noon Mountain Standard Time on 1150 am radio with talk show host Tim Paynter!  For those living out of the Denver area, a live internet feed is available!  You can call in for live conversation at 303.337.1150.

Dreamer A True American Story

Actress Vannessa Vasquez



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Dreamer The Movie – Interview with Director Jesse Salmeron, Actress Vanessa Vasquez

Next  On


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Dreamer – A True American Story!

The Movie!



Jesse Salmeron

Actress Vannessa Vasquez


Dreamer a true american story, un dia sin fronteras, dream act


Tells Their Stories


Dreamer-The Movie A True American Story


Announcement:  Dreamer A True American Story



Dreamer, Jessee-Salmeron, United-We-Dream



With talk show host


Tim Paynter





How did this concept come about?

When will the movie start to shoot?


Who will be in it?  Could it be you?



 Why don’t Dreamers get in line?  Or is there a line?


Why can’t undocumented  youth get an education?


Listen to Jesse and Vanessa Live  on the next



Un Dia Sin Fronteras!


Tim Paynter

July  25th!


12:00 Noon, Mountain Standard Time


For Internet Feed Press Side Bar


“En Vivo!”


Or Press HERE


This Broadcast may be live streamed on Facebook!

Please Watch For More News!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Colorado Stands Up For The America Dream, Dream Act

Standing Up For Dream


All over the United States, people standing up for the American Dream came out in force this weekend.  While many came in support of the Dream Act, a law in front of the Senate which would allow poor immigrant youth to go to college, others made an appearance to support the basic tenents of freedom and the concept known to baby boomers as “The American Dream”.  In Colorado, activists and concerned citizens made record appearances.


West LegalEdcenter - Access online programs.



Moveon.org, Dream Act



Moveon.Org, the progressive organization which supports basic human rights and American values, was behind it.   Standing with Moveon.Org were hundreds of local and national organitzations whose members think it is time for wealthy Americans to begin investing in America again.


In the old days, a basic tenant of democracy was the concept the wealthy should share with the less fortunate.  As a nation of faith, we believed when we were prosperous, we had a duty to reinvest a portion of our good fortune so our nation could grow.  That included a healthy investment in infrastructure, sending young people to school and keeping workers healthy.   The idea taking care of hard workers was part of building a better economic structure,  so making sure workers had health care was important to industry.  A fair tax structure and protecting social security were parts of the American Dream.


Find Paralegal Studies.


Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wyoming) said our generation may go down in history as the greediest in the history of our nation last year when the lame duck session refused to advance the Dream Act.  Republicans held up nearly all legislation including a nuclear treaty which would make our nation and the world safer, stating until the Bush era tax cuts were extended, no other legislation would be allowed to pass.


Shortly there after, while a nation of perplexed citizens watched on, the US Congress passed the single biggest tax holiday ever, claiming it was in the best interest of all citizens to protect millionaire businessmen including oil companies reporting record profits and corporations vomiting money after sending jobs over sears to save a pretty penny.  Meanwhile, those Dream Act students were sent home with tears running down their cheeks.  The wealthy who make a million bucks a year got tax relief, but there was not enough money or strong enough stomachs in the American Senate to give poor immigrant children a chance to participate in the American Dream.






After stuffing themselves before the Holiday season, Republican legislators presumed the baby boomers would suffer a good case of ‘oldtimer’s’ disease.  After returning to the senate in the 2011 season, Republicans began to announce middle America and the poor should brace themselves.  In order to preserve the American Dream for the rich, everyone else should be ready for massive cuts in health care, public services, education, the arts and maybe even military spending.  Social Security is now on the operating table while the wealthiest of Americans plan their vacations and groom their investment portfolios.


One of the solutions discussed during the national house meetings was to pass comprehensive immigration reform.   Most of the 12 million undocumented workers in the US very much want to pay their fair share of the cost of operating US society.  An unfriendly government has made paying taxes risky and difficult.  Under Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), immigrants will be able to join society and the will gladly pay their share of the cost to do so, hence adding billions of dollars in revenue to a cash starved government.






Another solution is to pass the Dream Act.  Many people don’t realize, undocumented youth who were brought to this country as children have not been wasting their time.  Many join the ranks of our nation’s brightest youths.  These people need to have access to higher education in order to continue making America great.  Who knows which child will end up discovering a cure for AIDS or cancer, or who will come up with a new idea to help future Americans.  It is insanity to continue to deport these youths after paying to educate them in primary education.  Why should other countries get the benefit of our educated kids?  How can we turn our backs on youths who just want part of the same American Dream Progressives seek to protect?



DataJack 3G Broadband-Faster Internet!



Unfortunately, the baby boomers are not as prone to “oldtimer’s disesase” as greedy people may think.  Many want to get back to the good old days when taking care of Americans was the job of our legislature.  The house meetings where thousands of Americans vented their frustrations is just the beginning of a new era.  It is still not too late to pass the Dream Act, nor is it too late for the American Dream.



Listen to Un Dia Sin Fronteras

A Day Without Borders



With Attorney Tim Paynter



on 1150 AM Radio, Mondays, Noon MST!



Those out of Colorado can listen to a Live Feed



Via Internet HERE!

Oasis.com - 100% Free Dating

Please donate $10.00 to $25.00 to Un Dia Sin Fronteras, One Day Without Borders.  You can help carry the message to others who will support our cause!  $10.00 goes a long ways!


We want to continue to bring you great articles and continue with our radio program broadcasts.  It is only through your help we can carry the Progressive message.  Educating America costs money.  The Progressive message costs money!  In the end, it is a lot better place to invest funds than another tax break for the rich!




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Breaking: Raw Footage, Police Shooting, Bayview Hunter’s Point, SF



Police shoot suspect with gun


Bayview, Hunter’s Point

San Francisco


On Saturday July 16, 2011 at approximately 1640 hours San Francisco Police (SFPD) shoot and kill armed black male adult in the Bayview’s Hunters Point district near 6th street. Police shot male approximately 5 times. Crowd of onlookers start small riot. SFPD SWAT team and police officers from University of California police (UCSF Police) on scene to calm the growing number of spectators. Small silver colored handgun on the scene but later picked up by spectator whom later disappeared in crowd.

A crowd gathers and police do what they can to disperse the angry mob.  Meanwhile, a silver handgun which appears in the video is picked up by a pedestrian who disappears into the crowd.

This is raw footage, not pretty, don’t watch it if you are sensitive!


Tragic Death, why does it have to be this way?


Never Point a gun at a policeman.  If you do, then you could easily end up like the person in this video.  Rest assured, the police are likely better trained in small arms fire than you are.  The deck is stacked.  It is not worth your life to be a bad ass.


website hosting



If someone you know is packing heat, best to turn them in and let the cops deal with it.  No one wants to be a narc.  However, it may be the best situation for all concerned.  You have done no favors if the person you are trying to protect gets killed!


Un Dia Sin Fronteras




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Manuel Guerro Casas Tells His Story – Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Manuel Guerra Casas Tells His Story



Manuel Casas Dream Act



Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Tim Paynter

En Vivo Por El Internet


Lunes, Julio 18th, 2011



1150 AM Radio



Un Dia

Sin  Fronteras



A El Medio Dia

Mountain Standard Time


Immigrant Youth Flees Poverty and Gangs



Manuel Guerra Casas


In Deportation Proceedings!


a Roots Camp Star


Manuel Guerrero Casas



This Story originally appeared on Technorati as  Breaking: Deportation Of Future Catholic Priest


When Manuel Guerra Casas set out on the smugglers’ trail towards the U.S. from Mexico, he did so as a refugee. He was fleeing vicious gangs who demanded his participation or his life. He was fleeing hunger and poverty. He embarked on an epic adventure that could easily have cost him his life.

Manuel Casas is from a family of 12 children. There was not much work for his father in Guanajuato, Mexico. There were many nights when he went to bed hungry. By age 16, Casas was fighting for his place in a world with very few options. Mexican gangs were pushing him to participate.  Manuel didn’t like the violence or the bad acts Mexican toughs use to prey on the helpless poor. Yet, the gangs adopt territories. You join or you die.


Manuel Guerero CasasBeautiful for tourists, not so nice for the poor


You don’t say, “Hey I am out of the gang!” Casas told Immigrants2bfree in an exclusive interview Sunday. After coming to America, Casas has kept his distance from the gangs that wished to lead him down a dead end street in a country with few options for the poor.

With almost no options, Manuel decided to escape to America.  The route Manuel Guerra Casas took to cross the border is the same trip that cost more than 250 lives in the desert last year. The terrain is so barren not even poor Mexicans claim it for ranching or farming.  Plenty of men, women and children collapse on the rocky desert floor. Without water and food, and often lost, life slips from them.

Others are robbed by bandits and stripped naked. Like the Jews escaping Nazi Germany, immigrants often sew valuables into their garments, even their underwear, those who are fortunate enough to wear such an expensive item, that is.  The bandits demand everything down to shoes and calzones.   After holding up immigrant groups, the heartless robbers sometimes even violate the little girls before leaving.


manuel guerrero casasOver 250 people died in the desert crossing the border

Using black humor, one might snicker at the thought of fifty immigrants dashing across the border naked.  However, when you realize, without clothes there is no defense against the blazing sun and freezing nights. It can be a death sentence.  One Coyote finally got caught killing the travelers who had paid him for safe passage across “La frontera”. It was easier to shoot them. Years later, grieving mothers learned the fate their children suffered when the remains were found in a remote killing field. These are some of the dangers Casas faced when he fled Guanajuato, deep inside Mexico.

“We are almost there. We will be there tomorrow,” the coyote told the people.

The exhausted hikers fell off to sleep with dreams of food and jobs and family floating in their heads. Near the end of the next day someone asked one more time.

“How much further?”

“We are almost there! We will be there tomorrow.” The reply became the standard answer.


“There was not much food and the water was getting critical!”


On day four of a three-day trip, many were getting restless. There was not much food and the water was becoming critical. They pushed hard on day five, assured their hell would be over by nightfall.  By day six, agitation turned to fear. The food and water were gone. The Coyote had lied about a three-day trip.

By chance, the group found an old trailer. There were 12 Dr. Peppers inside.

“I never had a Dr. Pepper” Casas told me. “So this is what America tastes like. I love it!” He was a Dr. Pepper fan for many years.


West LegalEdcenter - CLE & Legal Training


On the sixth night, Casas had a tiff with a buddy because the Coyote wanted to camp in the open.  It had been a difficult trip and Casas did not want it to end after so many days of hope and eternal walking. Casas told the Coyote he was going back to an abandoned cabin the group had passed down the trail.

Casas fell off to a deep sleep quickly. Around 12:00 p.m. he was awakened by voices outside the cabin. Dogs were barking! Someone shone a flashlight underneath the door. It was La Migra! The group had been discovered! They had come so far. Why did it have to end now?


“That is when I fell to my knees!”


“That is when I fell to my knees!” Casas told me. With tears running down his cheeks, the 16-year-old asked God for strength.

Casas said he is not sure how long he was on his knees in prayer. When he stood up, the dogs were gone. The flashlights and the voices started fading into the night.

Be careful what you wish for, they say. If his friends were arrested, Casas was alone in the wilderness.  There were no provisions and Casas didn’t even know what direction to go. The 16-year-old decided he would have to turn himself in or he would die. As he left the cabin, he heard someone whistle.

“Manuel! Manuel!” It was the friend Manuel had been annoyed with earlier in the night! When La Migra came, everyone ran, he was told. The group was re-forming nearby!


Stinging Quills and Yucca Spikes Slashed Through Their Pants


The coyote decided they must leave the smugglers’ trail and hike cross country. Stinging quills and yucca spikes sliced through their pants and cut their legs.  Several times they heard the clacking of a helicopter and fell onto their bellies in the prickly brush. On the seventh day the ragged party crawled from the desert and found the safe house in a Texas border city. The nightmare of the crossing was over.

Casas spent the first months of his life in the U.S., and his new love affair with Dr. Pepper, washing dishes in Texas. It is hard to imagine what a poor U.S. border town has that was not available in the Mexican countryside of his youth. Flush toilets. Electricity. A place to sleep. Plenty of food. Casas worked 7 days a week, 12 to 14 hours a day. His plan was to work two years, send money to mom and maybe save up for school, which is not free in Mexico.  Despite long hours, Casas wasn’t saving much money. At the suggestion of friends, he moved to Florida and had a chance encounter with a Catholic priest.

The church gave Casas a new direction. Manuel was told he needed to learn English and graduate from high school.

“My first days of high school were really hard.” Casas told immigrants2bfree. Other kids his age were graduating from high school at the same time Casas was entering. He had to complete four years of high school in two years and he spoke only rudimentary English.

“It was a big day when I passed my English exams!” a triumphant Casas proclaimed.

While in high school, Casas met a chaplain in the Marine Corp. who encouraged him in his studies.  Casas began to dream about serving in the Marines as a chaplain.

There have been some huge bumps along the way for Manuel Guerrero Casas, the deportation order being one of the biggest. Until Casas can clear his immigration status, not even the military is an option. If Casas marries a U.S. citizen he might qualify for an exception in the immigration law, but Catholic priests don’t marry.  People talk about “waiting in line.”  What they don’t realize is, for many immigrants, there is no line.  There are few exceptions in the law for Mexican youth.

Casas has been a leader for immigration reform, including volunteering with Students Working for Equal Rights (SWER). He also volunteered with students advocating for the Dream Act.

Under the Dream Act, if immigrant youth obtain a degree or serve in the military, if they don’t use public services including health care, if they pay out-of-state tuition rates, if they pass a background check and if they pay huge fines, which when totaled could add billions to the treasury, then they can apply as U.S. permanent residents after a ten-year period.  Without the Dream Act, Casas is not sure how he will remain in the U.S.


un dia sin fronteras, tim paynter, 1150onda

Sadly, a conservative Senate ended efforts to pass the Dream Act in the 2010 lame duck session.

“You are wasting your time coming to my office” said Senator Lindsey Graham (R-GA) while on the Senate floor. Many students left the Capitol in tears.

Graham said until the border is secure he will not vote for the Dream Act. Yet, conservatives refuse to vote for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) which first seals the border and then resolves the problem of undocumented workers in the country.


“Time is running out for many youths!”


Time is running out for many youths waiting for immigration reform. At 10:30 this morning, Manuel Guerra Casas feared a judge would issue the final removal order that would bring his dream of becoming a Catholic priest and serving in the military to an end.

“I was saved by the computer,” Manuel exclaimed on his Facebook page. “The computer was down. They rescheduled my hearing.”

A 16-year-old boy who fled gangs in Guanajuato, Mexico wants his chance to live the American Dream. Whether or not he and thousands of immigrants get their dream depends upon the passage of legislation before a judge slams the gavel down for the last time.

Please support Manuel in his effort to remain in this country!  We must pass the Dream Act post haste!

DataJack 3G Broadband-Faster Internet!



Listen to Manuel’s Story Live On


Un Dia Sin Fronteras


Internet Live Feed or 1150 AM Radio

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Un Dia Sin Fronteras

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How To Survive A Traffic Stop




How To Manage


Traffic Stop

Socialize with West LegalEdcenter

Un-Dia-Sin-Fronteras, Tim PaynterUh oh…Red lights in the rear view mirror!  You are getting pulled over!  What should you do?


Pull over!  Sure, but what then?


Any time you get pulled over you should assume you might be arrested.  Therefore, PULL OVER ONTO PRIVATE PROPERTY IF YOU CAN!  That means, turn into a super market or retail store where you can part on private property.  If the officer must arrest you, and you have been well behaved, he may not tow your car if you are legaly parked!


legal-advice, lawyer, abogado

A lot of surviving a traffic stop is attitude.  Don’t be angry at the officer.  Fish swim, ducks fly and police officers give tickets and arrest people.  It is the nature of the beast.  If you are really well behaved, you will get through most stops as lightly as is possible.


The reason you put your hands on the wheel is to assure the officer you are cooperating.  A cooperative motorist gets farther than a belligerent one does in most cases.  You are also assuring the officer you have no weapons and you do not pose a threat to his life.  Some motorists do pose a threat.

  • Put your hands on the wheel
  • Don’t make any fast moves
  • If your documents are in the glove box advise the officer you need to go into the glove box.  He won’t think you are pulling a weapon if you explain your moves in advance.
  • Turn on the dome light if it is after dark.

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traffic attorney

By now you are parked in a safe place on private property instead of a roadway.  You have rolled down your window enough to hear what the officer has to say.  Your hands are on the wheel and you are sitting in a relaxed state.  Now it is time to produce documents.

  • Have your license, insurance and registration ready.
  • If you don’t have a license, produce your insurance.  Sometimes that is enough to win you a warning or a lighter charge.
  • The officer will pick up on your hands on the wheel right away.  They are trained to spot motorists who know how to manage traffic stops.  Most officers will be grateful for your cooperation.

Usually, the officer begins by asking questions.

“Do you know why I stopped you?”

“Have you been drinking?”

“Are you here illegally?”

These are all investigative questions which you should be careful about answering.  All of the questions are designed for you to admit guilt.  At this point, you must judge the attitude of the officer.  If he is hostile towards you, then it is generally best to clam up right away.  You are probably getting the treatment, whether that be a ticket or an arrest.  There is no point in convicting yourself at the same time.

One of the best responses to all of these questions is to ask the officer a question in return.

“Can you tell me why you stopped me?”  This is not an admission and if you ask with a sincere tone, you will likely throw the officer off of his investigative quest.  You are now playing a cat and mouse game with the officer, and he is playing one with you!  You must appear cooperative, but you should not answer any of those incriminating questions.

If the officer asks you to exit the vehicle, you must obey his command.  You should be cooperative but continue to ask questions.  You should also presume you are going to the pokey.  Now is a great time to exercise your right to remain silent, except the occasional question.  Don’t try to talk your way out of a situation.  It only gets you in deeper trouble.

“Why was I stopped?”

If the officer asks to search your vehicle you can deny him that search.  Rest assured, if you have items in the vehicle that might be better had they been left somewhere else, granting the officer the right to search is usually a bad idea.  If the officer insists on searching the vehicle, then let him have his way, do not resist.  But don’t give him permission, either.  If the officer searches the vehicle without your permission and without a warrant in the field, the evidence will likely be thrown out.  If they tow the vehicle, however, most states have upheld an “inventory search” even if the agency does not have a warrant.

  • You can refuse to allow a search of your vehicle without a warrant.  Assume if you put the officer to that much trouble, he is going to arrest you if he can.  Use your right to remain silent!
  • If the officer searches your vehicle without permission, the evidence can often be excluded at trial.
  • If the vehicle is towed, many jurisdictions allow an “Inventory search” which does not require a warrant.
  • If you have something in the car you don’t want to be discovered, don’t grant the officer permission to search.


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The decision to cooperate or not cooperate is always a hard one to make.  This is where guides are ineffective because you must use your own judgment.  No one can tell you how to best handle the situation.  In short, you should know and understand your rights against illegal searches and seizures while applying a wheel barrow of common sense in dealing with the officer at the scene.

If you are under the influence of medication, alcohol or other substances, in most states you are not required to “do the walk”.  Sometimes the officer will challenge you to do a roadside test for him just to “prove you are not under the influence”.  Don’t do it!  Passing the road side test can be difficult for a person who is cold sober, much less someone under the influence.  Instead, tell the officer no one passes such tests.  If the officer insists, presume you are going to be arrested no matter what you do.  Just say no to the roadside test if your state law permits it.

At this point, the officer will either back down or place you under arrest.  If he chooses the arrest route, don’t resist.  You must go along for the ride.  Wrong doing and abuse can be discussed with the judge.

In most cases, if you assume a positive attitude, demonstrate you are no threat to the officer, produce as much ID as you can including insurance, you are going home with a warning or a ticket.

If it is your lucky day to get free room and board at the cross bar motel, at the very least, you will not have given up much if you take this advice.  It is the obligation of the state to prove you guilty.  Until then, you are presumed innocent.


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