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La Injusticia Para Uno Es La Injusticia Para Todos!

Bethany Hughes To Walk Argentina to Alaska For Children, Women

Activist takes 105,600 steps to help those who have less.

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Feliz Dia De Gracia

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Licences For Undocumented In Florida?

¿Es hora de otorgar licencias de conducir a inmigrantes indocumentados en la Florida? A continuación, en Un Día Sin Fronteras con Sol Mar!

Is it time for immigrants to have licenses in Florida?

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Leopolodo Lopez

After Nicolas Maduro arrested Leopoldo Lopez, the opposition voice in Venezuela has been cut short. Lopez opposes the loss of human rights and freedom in Venezuela. During protests earlier this year, and the resulting riots, people died. The government blames Maduro for those deaths, though he did not have an active hand in causing the deaths.

Meanwhile, students continue to protest the government in the streets of Venezuela. Reports of midnight raids, the proverbial knock on the door in the middle of the night, as well as torture, rape and sodomy of a teenage boy, are being made by those who have been arrested in a tough clamp down on free speech.



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Sambos Illimani Colorado, Next on Un Dia Sin Fronteras

The Bolivian dance troop,

Sambos Illimani Colorado

will be on

Un Dia Sin Fronteras

on Monday, February 17, 2014!

Inauguración de Sambos Illimani 2013

Please join host


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Marco Fernandez


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In the


Controversial Program

Un Dia Sin Fronteras!




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Remembering Pete Seeger, Democracy Now

There are Icons and there are Icons.  Pete Seeger will go down in history as that sort of guy who always was thinking of the little guy.  In a country which has become so selfish and self indulgent, our behavior and conspicuous  consumption is an embarrassment to generations in the past, Seeger is a person who helped us remember not everyone is as blessed.

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Video courtesy of Democracy Now!

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Dr. Frank Clavijo En La Programa Un Dia Sin Fronteras 1150 AM Tim Paynter



Para ayudar los que tienen trauma


¿Tiene que estar loco para usar un psicólogo?

¿Cómo puede un psicólogo ayudar a las personas sufriendo trauma?

Dr. Frank Clavijo aparece en Un Día Sin Fronteras para

explicar cómo funciona un psicólogo y que puede tomar ventaja de uno.

Al mediodía


1150 AM


Tim Paynter






En Vivo!

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Sergio Garcia Con El Abogado Tim Paynter en Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Como nacer un abogado?  Se debe ser un ciudano?

 Sergio Garcia esta en la lucha para recibir su licencia a

practicar como un abogado, pero no lo tiene todos los

documentos estar una ciudano.  Aparece bien?


Sergio Garcia con Luis Gutierrez


Un Dia Sin Fronteras




Tim Paynter

1150 AM Radio

Denver, Colorado

Medio Dia, Lunes, Noviembre 18, 2013







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Dems Preparing To Go To The Matt On Immigration Reform

As Democrats weigh their chances of passing immigration reform in the U.S. House of Representatives, reality is dawning upon them like the darkness imposed by a slowly setting sun.  Activists have always been willing to make compromises, including the massive funding of miles of border fence and the hiring of legions of new border patrol officers.


However, as it becomes clear the House has no intention of granting more than second class citizenship to immigrants, the community is bracing to swallow a bitter pill.  There is a point at which many Democrats consider immigration reform without a path to citizenship too little too late. Instead, they are shifting their focus on electing people to congress who are interested in an inclusive society.  Frankly, the decision should have been made a long time ago.


Even the Gang of 8 bill was a massive compromise, failing to register the immigrants who posed the biggest threat to U.S. society.  At best, the Gang of 8 Bill would have excluded 3 out of 10 immigrants.  The number equates to 4 million people who would not qualify under the most liberal rules.

Unfortunately, the Republican controlled U.S. House of Representatives is not content with excluding 3 out of 10 immigrants from qualifying for citizenship.  Republicans want to exclude the entire 12 million-strong immigrant community from citizenship, hence exclude them from voting.  “Legalization yes”, they say, “citizenship no”.



The United States of America was founded when mostly English settlers were taxed by a greedy crown without granting the colonists a right to have a say in their government.  Later, after the civil war, blacks were excluded from voting through the use of poll taxes and other measures.

The lessons of freeing people from bondage without giving them a say in their representative government should have been learned long ago.  Exclusion from a free society has cast generations of African Americans into the bondage of poverty and an un-privileged existence.  When lage segments of our population suffer indenture, all people suffer the loss of freedom.  All people suffer the loss of prosperity those people could have bestowed upon society.


Since the bulk of immigrants are Latino, and the bulk of Latinos have strong religous convictions, the Republicans were likely to be the long term winners after reform.  It would take many years to sooth feelings after the bitter treatment Republicans have foisted upon workers who keep the grist mills of the country running.  Were Republicans long term thinkers, clear gains in the polls were theirs to be won.  Instead, the GOP continues to shoot itself in the foot by alienating the single largest block of voters now waiting their turn on the horizon to participate in a democratic society.


Democrats have their base prepared for a strong lobby for immigration reform.  With the U.S. House putting reform together like a straw dummy, Some leaders are now thinking it is better to use the talent to concentrate on electing more considerate leaders during the next election.  There is a point in which the term “immigration reform” could become a synonym for “Jim Crow laws for immigrants”.







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Arizona Vigil For Immigration Reform, Promise Arizona


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They are having a vigil for immigration reform at ground zero, Arizona.  That is the heart of SB 1070, and the movement Russell Pearce fostered to make immigrants Personas Non Grata in the U.S.



Brave people responded to the fight against SB 1070, including Erika Andiola, Petra Falcon, Promise Arizona and immigrant families from across the desertscape.  I was there.  I remember.  People were shattered.  Here was a community which helped build out great country facing an onslaught of criticism and veiled racism in the supposed name of national security.


Petra Falcon


Rather than hating the people who were engendering hate against the immigrant community, our leaders responded with love.  They stood up for what is right, but that is not to say they struck back.  Standing up to a bully without hating him speaks to the heart and character of the people who now were forced to wage a peaceful war defending basic dignity and humanity.













Puente Movement


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